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100 Days of Prayer (s18): Days 43-49

Begin with the prayer below, then go to the prayer for the day.

God of wisdom and mercy, grant us patience to listen; compassion to be open to other views and opinions; generosity to forgive and grace to change. As you taught us to love our dear neighbor, we pray that you give us strength to be healing instruments of unity and reconciliation.

Day 43: Sunday, October 15

God of peace, bring a swift end to wars in Israel and Palestinian territory, Ukraine, and other lands. Lead us to listen to one another and pursue diplomacy with dignity, justice, and love for our sisters and brothers.

Day 44: Monday, October 16

Today I pray for people to feel heard and represented. Guide me to hear the voices of people who share their experience of inequity and unfair treatment. Reveal abuses that brothers and sisters experience so that we can help right wrongs.

Day 45: Tuesday, October 17

God of Creation, show me how to protect the gift of our common home we all share. May Your revelation teach me how to persuade minds and move hearts of people who ignore or refuse to act upon the care of our Earth and each other

Day 46: Wednesday, October 18

Today I pray to see people who hurt so much they feel called to fire a gun at someone. Help me see the overlooked, picked on, angry or hateful. I ask for Your insight, love, and healing to intervene through me before terrible choices are made.

Day 47: Thursday, October 19

Loving God, as we move deeper into a months-long general election, help me to connect with my brothers and sisters whose minds are made up, even though I may disagree with them. Enable me to be a reconciler through Your love.

Day 48: Friday, October 20

My prayer is for my sisters and brothers leaving their homelands to find a betterlife. Reveal ways I can help people seeking asylum or in need of safety or opportunity. Help me become an example of how to welcome migrants.

Day 49: Saturday, October 21

Divine Presence, amidst global events and trends that threaten peace and prosperity, thank you for accompanying every one of us. May I abide in You as You live in us. Let this awareness multiply and influence decisions to help one another.

Option to Take Action

Let the ATF know that you support common-sense action to close loopholes and keep weapons out of dangerous hands.

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