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100 Days of Prayer (s16): Days 17-23

Begin with the prayer below, then go to the prayer for the day.

God of wisdom and mercy, grant us patience to listen; compassion to be open to other views and opinions; generosity to forgive and grace to change. As you taught us to love our dear neighbor, we pray that you give us strength to be healing instruments of unity and reconciliation.

Day 17: Sunday, February 5

Loving God, lead our society to bring gun violence to an end. Heal our hearts

from racism, anger and abuse of power. Continue to be our guide to love one


Day 18: Monday, February 6

Today I pray for an end to war, especially in Ukraine. Help us find ways to

work together for the common good rather than seeking power and advantages

over one another.

Day 19: Tuesday, February 7

God of grace, assist our elected and corporate leaders to create budgets that

influence the common good rather than concentrating power and enrichment

for a few.

Day 20: Wednesday, February 8

Today I pray for the end to human trafficking and slavery. Convert the hearts of

those who prey upon the vulnerable, and end the desperate circumstances that

create this crime.

Day 21: Thursday, February 9

God of creation, remind me what I can do today to take care of our common

home. Today, lead me to take steps that protect and conserve water – the finite

resource we all need to share.

Day 22: Friday, February 10

Today I pray for Your peace. Slow me down. Calm my insecurities. Let me

abide in You so that I may leave behind any trace of desperation, and be an

assurance for others who work for justice.

Day 23: Saturday, February 11

God of justice, show me how to stand with my brothers and sisters who migrate

as a means for survival. Open my eyes to see their need, why they need it, and

how to help.

Option to Take Action

Hold legislators accountable on their voting record.

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