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Series 7
-January-April 2020 -

Week One


Day 1: Monday, January 20

God of peace, I pray for the people of Iran. Pull all parties away from acts of war. Guide Iran’s leaders to abandon funding of conflicts and development of weapons. Enable their people to have a peaceful and prosperous future. 

Day 2: Tuesday, January 21

Today I pray for an end to name-calling, epithets, divisiveness, fearmongering, what-about-ism, and other negative strategies in politics. Help me reject fear and uncertainty of people and groups so I may contribute to a united country.

Day 3: Wednesday, January 22

God of creation, I pray for countries throughout the world who face natural disasters elevated to greater destruction from human-driven climate change. Embrace Australia with your love and help them recover from bush fires.

Day 4: Thursday, January 23

Today I pray for refugees throughout the world fleeing for safety and/or a life free from poverty. Protect refugees on their journeys. Reveal solutions to problems in their homelands. When needed, help them find new homes. 

Day 5: Friday, January 24

God of justice, empower people to be fully represented by voting and taking part in the census in 2020. Let me be a knowledgeable resource of facts and encouragement for people to participate in both processes.

Day 6: Saturday, January 25

Today I pray to be alert to causes of human trafficking. May I end any action that provides fuel to the global trafficking machine. Transform the hearts of predators to end the deception, control and abuse of my sisters and brothers.

Option to Take Action: 

Take action by registering to vote and sharing election information in your area.Visit or click or copy this link:

Week Two

Day 7: Sunday, January 26

Today I pray to find an opportunity to protect our common home from pollution and climate change. Help me to do all I can to protect vulnerable groups, including future generations, from our degradation of Your creation. 

Day 8: Monday, January 27

Merciful God, I ask You to be with me in the present moment so that I am not triggered by injustices that make me angry. Guide me to respond with rational thought and kindness rather than reacting in ways that hurt others.

Day 9: Tuesday, January 28

God of abundant love, guide me to look at the signs of the times, seek out others’ needs, and respond with joyful service to anyone in need of help.


Day 10: Wednesday, January 29

Today I pray to hear the experiences of sisters and brothers of all nations and neighborhoods so that I may come to know and respect their point of view and advocate for justice in our shared institutions. 


Day 11: Thursday, January 30

Today I pray for the people of Puerto Rico who again face a slow recovery from a natural disaster. Show me how to advocate for this U.S. territory and provide aid for my disenfranchised fellow U.S. citizens.


Day 12: Friday, January 31

Today I pray that sex-trafficking at large events like the Super Bowl is permanently disrupted and undone. 


Day 13: Saturday, February 1

Compassionate God, I ask that you awaken the hearts and minds of all people to resolve the homelessness emergency. Empower communities with creative solutions and political will to restore people and neighborhoods.

Option to Take Action: 

Take action by finding our what is on your ballot. Visit the Sample Ballot Lookup. Click or copy this link:

Week Three


Day 14: Sunday, February 2

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY - God of love, on Superbowl Sunday, I pray for the safety of vulnerable women and children who may be in danger of becoming victims of sex trafficking.

Day 15: Monday, February 3

Today I pray that voters be allowed their given right to choose their elected officials and not the other way around. I pray that we all stand up as one against gerrymandering. 

Day 16: Tuesday, February 4

God of wisdom, help me be inquisitive to understand someone’s story, patient to hear all sides, and slow to judge others.

Day 17: Wednesday, February 5

Today I pray that all people regardless of immigration status, religion, or race know that there is nothing to fear and that they take part to be counted in the 2020 Census. 

Day 18: Thursday, February 6

God of inclusiveness, we pray that we succeed in moving forward political will to provide healthcare, economic equality, and violence-free communities for all. 

Day 19: Friday, February 7

Today I pray for the people in the Philippines who are suffering and finding themselves homeless, hurt, and in distress. God of healing, help them overcome their pain and place in their path people of goodwill. 


Day 20: Saturday, February 8

FEAST OF ST. JOSEPHINE BAKHITA - God of hope, protect the vulnerable children and young adults who are at risk of being trafficked. Empower the people around them to protect them and speak up on their behalf.


Option to Take Action:

Take the pledge to be counted and to share with others the importance to participate in the 2020 Census.

Week Four

Day 21: Sunday, February 9

God of peace, I pray for our brothers and sisters who are currently experiencing violence and instability in their countries. Fill their hearts with hope. May they sense that we are praying for them. 

Day 22: Monday, February 10

Gentle God, today I pray for a united nation, even as we witness conflict among our political leaders. Awaken me and my fellow citizens to realize that we depend on one another to live as a free country where democracy reigns.

Day 23: Tuesday, February 11

God of creation, I am aware of the interconnected relationships with my sisters, brothers, and the environment that You’ve given us. Show me how to care for all that I encounter. 


Day 24: Wednesday, February 12

Today I pray for children to thrive in their communities, free from discrimination and violence. Empower parents to know and exercise their rights to affordable housing, fair working conditions, and needed health care. 

Day 25: Thursday, February 13

God of abundance, lead me to make consumer choices that protect our finite natural resources. Help me and millions more to make a conscious effort to change our consumer habits to protect future generations.


Day 26: Friday, February 14

Today I pray to understand those who create conflict, anger, hate, and discrimination. Let me respond justly and compassionately. Bring forth Your love that I may treat all with dignity and unite those who think differently. 

Day 27: Saturday, February 15

God of mercy, protect all immigrants that they feel welcomed and accepted, and offered an opportunity for their families to prosper without judgment or repression. 

Option to Take Action:

Know of someone who is turning 18? Help them to register to vote online.  
Click or copy this link:

Week Five


Day 28: Sunday, February 16

Today I pray for healing and protection from the threat of a coronavirus epidemic. I pray for cooperation and transparency to stop its spread, and for vulnerable nations to receive medical assistance. 

Day 29: Monday, February 17

God, may Your grace live in my heart so that any fear, insecurity or uncertainty that may lead to discrimination, racism and hate are completely erased. May Your grace live within me and be shared with others. 

Day 30: Tuesday, February 18

Today I pray for humility to ask for forgiveness, and courage to follow through (or create) any opportunity to mend a relationship.

Day 31: Wednesday, February 19

Today I remember in prayer all people who could not migrate, returned to the threats in their native country, and fell victim to assault and murder. Transform the hearts of those who prey upon their sisters and brothers.


Day 32: Thursday, February 20

Loving and just God, I ask that You provide comfort for victims of violence. May they heal in the safety of your arms. Bring attackers to justice and lead them to repentance.


Day 33: Friday, February 21

Today I pray for healing of polarized minds fixated on a single point of view to the exclusion of all others. Enable people to be free of narrow perceptions and reactions to find a capacity for awareness of each other and common ground. 


Day 34: Saturday, February 22

God, lead me to contribute to solutions to homelessness. Reveal at least one thing I can do to assist people to get off the streets and out of encampments. 


Option to Take Action: 

Take Action: Here are 50 ways we help protect our planet.
Click or copy this link:

Week Six

Day 35: Sunday, February 23

God of abundance, I pray that the wealth You have gifted to me in the forms of knowledge, relationships and resources be utilized with thoughtfulness and compassion for those in need.

Day 36: Monday, February 24

Today I pray for an end to violence against women and girls. Transform the hearts of abusers, replacing their anger, ignorance, and insecurity with empathy and care for one another. 

Day 37: Tuesday, February 25

Today I pray for confidence and skill in my social media presence; to post clearly and with kindness; and to never be anonymous or mean, especially when interacting with people with whom I disagree.


Day 38: Wednesday, February 26

ASH WEDNESDAY - May efforts to be attentive to You, God, also draw me closer to my neighbors. May efforts to be attentive to my neighbors, also draw me closer to You, God. Free me from distractions on my Lenten journey.

Day 39: Thursday, February 27

God of creation, send me reminders that change my behavior in ways to benefit our common home. May my small steps to reduce plastic or CO2 gases be multiplied to avert crises and disasters of our own making.


Day 40: Friday, February 28

Today I pray for all who experience discrimination. Help me to see past my biases and recognize someone’s full story. Grant me time and awareness so that I do not rush past my sisters and brothers with snap judgments. 

Day 41: Saturday, February 29

Generous God, today is a gift. Open my eyes to opportunities to use this extra day to mend or build a new relationship.

Option to Take Action: 

Take action to support and protect garment workers around the world. Click or copy this link:

Week Seven


Day 42: Sunday, March 1

God of healing, I pray for all the victims whom have died or had their health impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. May government and health officials around the world collaborate to eliminate its escalation.

Day 43: Monday, March 2

Today I pray for an end to institutional racism that contributes to unjust incarceration rates of people of color, economic inequality, discrimination in home ownership, lack of education resources and inadequate healthcare. 

Day 44: Tuesday, March 3

Today I pray that voters appreciate the company of fellow citizens as we enter the public square and exercise our right to vote. May it be a peaceful and satisfying experience of community. 

Day 45: Wednesday, March 4

I pray to be reminded every day that we are all created in Your image, God. Lead me to convey my respect to each person I meet and to listen with an open heart that is free of judgment and condemnation.


Day 46: Thursday, March 5

Loving God, protect our sisters and brothers who live in fear of losing their home due to high rent, job loss or debt. May they find support in their families and communities to protect them from experiencing homelessness. 

Day 47: Friday, March 6

Today I pray that women and girls around the world be respected and recognized with the right to live free from harassment and violence. Help me find opportunities to speak out against gender-based violence. 


Day 48: Saturday, March 7

God of strength, I pray for courage to stand up in defense of immigrant parents who have been forced to flee their homes to protect their children. Help me be their voice to call on fair and humane immigration policies. 


Option to Take Action:

Visit to take actions against racism. Or, click or copy this link:

Week Eight

Day 49: Sunday, March 8

Empowering God, today I lift in prayer all women and girls around the world. I pray for the eradication of violence, inequality, and injustice that women and girls endure. Grant us Your wisdom to collaborate in building a safe world.

Day 50: Monday, March 9

Today I pray for our nation in these trying times of divisiveness and discord. May I look upon others with respect and kindness. Fill me with Your will to engage in respectful conversations that allow me to listen unassumingly.

Day 51: Tuesday, March 10

God of community, open my eyes to see one another not as winners or losers, but as members of the same team.


Day 52: Wednesday, March 11

Today I pray for nature to be respected, for violence and war to be eradicated, for refugees to be welcome and for leaders to be involved in civil dialogue. May we all feel Your loving presence that enfolds us with courage and hope. 

Day 53: Thursday, March 12

God of love, I pray for those suffering from a physical or mental ailment or condition. May they be provided with emotional support, have access to affordable healthcare and be surrounded by Your healing love. 


Day 54: Friday, March 13

Today I pray in gratitude for all the opportunities You provide me to be mindful and open to the unfolding of each day. May I embrace life and be present to the small details that would otherwise burden me.


Day 55: Saturday, March 14

God of wisdom, I pray that we elect leaders who seek economic fairness and equality among all races. In making informed decisions, may we commit to research and support true facts and strive to dismiss deceitful information.

Option to Take Action: 

Participate in promoting civil dialogue. Click or copy this link:

Week Nine


Day 56: Sunday, March 15

God of hope, bring Your light and encouragement to those who are in despair from illness, poverty, hunger, lack of opportunities, injustice and loneliness. Let me serve You to bring Your light wherever I can.

Day 57: Monday, March 16

Today I pray that You may fill me with a calm demeanor and wise actions to ease anxiety and fear amidst uncertainty. May this attitude of peace and assurance resonate among those I meet and be recognized as your gift. 

Day 58: Tuesday, March 17

God, guide me to interact on social media in a way that makes others feel encouraged rather than attacked. Enable me to create opportunities for conversation that unite us with one another.

Day 59: Wednesday, March 18

Creator God, may tomorrow’s early arrival of Spring serve as a reminder to me to take steps that care for our common home. Guide me to change my habits and pursue innovations that create less carbon dioxide and plastic waste.

Day 60: Thursday, March 19

ST. JOSEPH’S DAY - As I recognize the feast of St. Joseph, I ask you God to help me be faithful and humble; appreciative of ordinary days and alert to the signs of the times; to build what is useful and to be present to all in need. 

Day 61: Friday, March 20

I pray that whatever differences I may identify in people are seen as qualities I celebrate rather than fear. God, open my heart to appreciate the people You have created so that I always treat my sisters and brothers with dignity.

Day 62: Saturday, March 21

O God, reveal ways to help my sisters and brothers who are migrating. Show me how I may assist them to find a better life that is free of poverty and violence. 

Option to Take Action

Over 100 millions trees are cut down to produce junk mail. Take action to stop junk mail and save trees. Click or copy this link:

Week Ten

Day 63: Sunday, March 22

Today I pray for cooperation with measures designed to weaken the spread of coronavirus. Show me how to do my part contentedly and to help others fulfill their roles as well. 

Day 64: Monday, March 23

God of abundance, I pray that You reassure people that there is enough to go around for all. Convert the desperation and fear of hoarders to confidence that they will receive what they need, and generosity to share with others.

Day 65: Tuesday, March 24

Today I pray for unity of purpose as a nation and global community. Guide me to do my part to help society function during a pandemic. Show me how to lift people up, even though I may not be present in person.


Day 66: Wednesday, March 25

Generous God, though I may have experienced great loss in my investments, strengthen my faith that what I already have will be enough. Encourage me to share what I do have with those in need of assistance.


Day 67: Thursday, March 26

Today I pray for businesses and employees whose income and livelihoods are threatened. Protect, shelter, clothe and feed our dear neighbor, including those experiencing homelessness. Lead me to assist people facing poverty.

Day 68: Friday, March 27

God of mercy, I ask You to stand with our healthcare community always, especially in the face of this pandemic. Keep them healthy and strong as they tend to the health of those who are sick.

Day 69: Saturday, March 28

Today I pray to use my time outside of my normal routine as a moment of growth. Free me from anxiety, fear and panic of the unknown and lead me to trust in You. Help me to listen deeply and respond with care for others.

Option to Take Action: 

Take action to help families and children impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. Click or copy this link:

Week Eleven


Day 70: Sunday, March 29

Today I pray for the protection of healthcare workers who are on the front lines tending to the sick without essential protection. I pray that protecting healthcare workers is recognized as a human right. 

Day 71: Monday, March 30

God of compassion, I ask for Your presence among those whose loved ones are sick or have passed away from COVID-19. Embrace them with your love and peace in this time of grief and sorrow. 

Day 72: Tuesday, March 31

Today I pray a prayer of thanksgiving for all the women in my life, and in our world, who have worked to help others, improve conditions and create joy.

Day 73: Wednesday, April 1

Loving God, in my isolation, I pray that I find new ways to be in community with my family, friends and colleagues. May it lead me to creative opportunities to develop deeper relationships. 

Day 74: Thursday, April 2

Today I pray for lawmakers to grant compassionate release to seniors and medically vulnerable people who are detained or incarcerated. I pray detainees be given access to free COVID-19 testing, medical services and due process.

Day 75: Friday, April 3

God of hope, show me how to intervene on behalf of those who find themselves abroad wanting to return home to their loved ones. Give them peace as they await anxiously for diplomatic, political and/or safety issues to be resolved.

Day 76: Saturday, April 4

Today I pray for lawmakers to provide nutritional aid for those in our community experiencing food insecurity. May others impacted by COVID-19 gain access to much needed benefits that include sick leave and unemployment. 

Option to Take Action:

Take action to protect people in prisons, jails and detention centers from COVID-19. Click or copy this link:

Week Twelve

Day 77: Sunday, April 5

Today I pray for the immediate release of people in immigration detention. I pray that all immigration enforcement and removal operations cease and allow people to be with their families during this time of crisis. 

Day 78: Monday, April 6

God of unity, I pray that I make it a point to reach out to my neighbors and find ways to stay connected with them while adhering to current policies. I pray You embrace our global community with Your healing love. 

Day 79: Tuesday, April 7

Today I pray for discernment as I read and listen to the news and share updates with friends and neighbors. Please guide me so that I provide support and information, and do not excite anxiety in those around me. 


Day 80: Wednesday, April 8

God of justice, I pray that I recognize that I am part of the global community. And as such, take on the responsibility to find ways to be in solidarity with others who feel unwelcome. 

Day 81: Thursday, April 9

Today I pray that during these times of uncertainty You give me the strength to continue to be compassionate to those in need. I pray for first responders who unselfishly are keeping us safe and healthy. 

Day 82: Friday, April 10

Eternal God, as you sacrificed Your life for us on the cross, protect all workers who sacrifice their safety so that others can shelter in place. May they be comforted by Your peace and loving Spirit. 

Day 83: Saturday, April 11

God of hope, as I await anxiously to participate in the celebration of Your Resurrection tomorrow, I pray that our global community will soon celebrate the healing from COVID-19. 

Option to Take Action:

Urge the Supreme Court Justices to delay issuing a ruling on DACA during the national health emergency. Click or copy this link:

Week Thirteen


Day 84: Sunday, April 12

EASTER SUNDAY - God of life, today I open my heart in thanksgiving for the great gift of your mercy, forgiveness, and unconditional love, and I pray that I will grow each day in mercy, forgiveness, and love for my brothers and sisters. 

Day 85: Monday, April 13

Today I pray for all the workers adjusting to wearing protective equipment on the job, to distancing themselves from their colleagues, and to working from home. I pray they take steps to maintain their health and refresh their minds.

Day 86: Tuesday, April 14

Lord of creation, today I pray for fresh eyes and ears, and a refreshed heart and mind, to enjoy our world as I exercise my body, connect with loved ones through the gift of technology, and return to quiet pastimes I have neglected. 

Day 87: Wednesday, April 15

Today I pray for our spiritual leaders, who may suffer from fear and isolation even as they strive to find new ways to serve their communities. May they find comfort in their faith and strength from the people’s need of their wisdom. 

Day 88: Thursday, April 16

God of plenty, I give thanks for the home where I shelter in place, and for the food and supplies around me. I pray for wisdom to appreciate the many gifts You have given me, rather than mourning temporary losses I am enduring. 

Day 89: Friday, April 17

Today I pray for inspiration for new ways to love my neighbor and serve my brothers and sisters, whether I Facetime with someone suffering from isolation, support a local business with an order, or donate online. 


Day 90: Saturday, April 18

Father of us all, I ask you to hold our legislators and government leaders in Your hand as they take steps to help prevent the wider spread of this pandemic. Please give them wisdom to take helpful actions and to guide us all to stay safe. 

Option to Take Action:

Thousands of blood drives have been canceled across the nation, which has heavily impacted the available blood supply. Click to find a blood drive near you:

Week Fourteen

Day 91: Sunday, April 19

God of glory, I ask that in this Easter season, gladness fills my heart and pours out to touch everyone around me. I ask for the perspective to look beyond small daily annoyances and appreciate Your gifts that surround me.

Day 92: Monday, April 20

Today I pray for all those working in essential jobs, that they know how deeply they are appreciated and that they take proper precautionary measures to stay safe and healthy while they serve their brothers and sisters.


Day 93: Tuesday, April 21

Lord of hope, today I pray for the grace to appreciate the gifts this challenging time presents us all: new ways to enjoy community, fewer distractions from what is most important, good health, loved ones, and available resources.


Day 94: Wednesday, April 22

EARTH DAY ~ Today I pray a prayer of thanksgiving for the world we live in, for the beauty of land and sea, plants and animals, and my brothers and sisters. I pray for the wisdom to care for God’s creation.


Day 95: Thursday, April 23

Generous Lord, today I pray for patience as this time of sheltering in place grows long. I pray for wisdom and understanding when confronted with the frustrations of those with whom I shelter.

Day 96: Friday, April 24

Today I give thanks for technology that bridges the gaps we experience during this time: telephones and video meeting apps, livestreamed Masses and mass prayer gatherings, films and music and digital books to capture the imagination.

Day 97: Saturday, April 25

Loving God, today I pray for people still facing other issues in this time of pandemic. Protect people from family separation, trafficking and violence.

Option to Take Action:

Take action to ensure that the next relief package to protect our health and economy, includes all community members regardless of where they were born.

Week Fifteen


Day 98: Sunday, April 26

Loving Father, today I pray a prayer of thanksgiving for our healthcare providers and caregivers. May they know how fervently we appreciate their wisdom and care, and may their hearts and minds find refreshment.

Day 99: Monday, April 27

Today I pray for patience to balance my eagerness to end stay-at-home health orders. God, guide me to be a calm presence that supports the common good during the COVID-19 event.

Day 100: Tuesday, April 28

Lord of all, I praise You for Your glory. May Your immeasurable love for us be revealed in our love and kindness for one another in this season of pandemic and recession.

Option to Take Action:

Take action to protect the Arctic Refuge from big oil companies:

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