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Image by Karl Fredrickson

Series 6
-September-December 2019 -

Week One


Day 1: Sunday, September 1

Thank you God for the provision of our common home. Guide us to care for it, and therefore care for one another. Inspire me to persevere through change to clean our environment. Urgently I pray to extinguish the fires in the Amazon.

Day 2: Monday, September 2

LABOR DAY (U.S.) - Loving God, I am grateful for this day of rest for those who work to earn a living. I ask You to move lawmakers’ hearts to create and enforce laws for just, living wages and equal pay for equal work.

Day 3: Tuesday, September 3

As the school year has begun for most of the nation I ask You, God, to keep our children safe. Draw us together to see, help and heal those in emotional or cognitive distress. If we fail, shield everyone from weapons meant to destroy.

Day 4: Wednesday, September 4

Today I pray for nations and states that border the Atlantic and Caribbean. Protect them from potent storms coming their way. May those most vulnerable to danger and damage, remain safe and enabled to recover.


Day 5: Thursday, September 5

I pray for refugees and migrants all over the world to arrive at their destinations safely and to be welcomed in their new lands. Show me ways I can help them succeed. Let me not fear any burden because you are the God of abundance. 

Day 6: Friday, September 6

God of wisdom, open my eyes, ears, heart and mind to understand what is happening in our daily news and to respond with love. Let me recognize injustice, and advocate for change with clarity, compassion and dignity. 


Day 7: Saturday, September 7

Today I pray for those suffering from opiod addiction. Walk with them in recovery and heal any hurt that steered them to addiction in the first place. Disrupt the business and supply chain that fuels the opiod crisis.


Option to Take Action: 

In the U.S., about 35,000 people are killed each year due to gun violence. It’s been over 20 years since Congress funded research about gun violence prevention. Help change this. Click or copy this link:

Week Two

Day 8: Sunday, September 8

Today I pray for people to have softer hearts for their brothers and sisters. Peel back the armor of our points of view that keep us separated. God, free people from any fear of loss that blocks us from caring for one another. 

Day 9: Monday, September 9

God of creation, provide us strength of will to change long-held habits of consumption which pollute our common home. Inspire us to innovate to an eco-friendly economy that is prosperous for all and benefits our descendants.

Day 10: Tuesday, September 10

Today I lift up in prayer all displaced families who have been changed by natural disasters, poverty, violence, and climate change. Guide them to a new home that keeps them safe, prosperous and free from prejudice. 


Day 11: Wednesday, September 11

ANNIVERSARY OF 9/11 ATTACKS - I pray for both the wounded and departed victims of terror attacks. May they heal in every possible way. O’ God, look after them and their families.

Day 12: Thursday, September 12

Today I pray for an end to violence as a means of expressing disagreement or hurt. Merciful God, when destruction builds in people until it might burst, calm their hearts and minds to prevent greater harm to our human family.

Day 13: Friday, September 13

I pray today for people at risk of violence, especially women and children who may be trapped in a dangerous, domestic environment. 

Day 14: Saturday, September 14

Compassionate God, look after protesters around the world. Enable them to peaceably assemble without fear of retribution. 

Option to Take Action: 

The public charge rule is a wealth test for immigrants. Take action to protect immigrant families. Click or copy this link:

Week Three


Day 15: Sunday, September 15

Today I give You thanks for all the blessings of love and peace in my life. I pray for our determination to work with others for a peaceful world where love and understanding are abundant regardless of one’s beliefs or creed.

Day 16: Monday, September 16

God of unity, I pray that we find ways to overcome racism and hatred in our nation and in turn transform our hearts towards tolerance and acceptance. Inspire us to always seek the way of peace. 

Day 17: Tuesday, September 17

Today I ask for strength to be an instrument of peace; guide us so that we see each other as brothers and sisters who share one common home and yearn for a common goal – unity and reconciliation. 

Day 18: Wednesday, September 18

God of hope, I pray that world leaders find ways to dialogue and move away from blame and finger pointing when instituting international policies that impact world peace and unity. 

Day 19: Thursday, September 19

Today I pray for an end to gun violence. Guide our legislators in moving forward legislation needed to protect communities and provide mental health services to keep troubled minds from harming others.


Day 20: Friday, September 20

God of mercy, I thank You for empowering me to extend Your gifts of grace and patience to others. It helps me to be a person of peace for all who I meet. Grant me courage to reconcile any past misunderstandings and conflicts with others.

Day 21: Saturday, September 21

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE - Today I pray for peace in the world. Help me to seek nonviolence in my daily life. Guide world leaders to choose dialogue, work together, prevent conflict and reject nuclear weapons.


Option to Take Action: 

Take steps to reduce your environmental impact and protect our common home: Click or copy this link:

Week Four

Day 22: Sunday, September 22

Today I pray for the young adults who are leading the way in urging corporate and government leaders to act against the climate crisis currently impacting our most susceptible sisters and brothers around the world.

Day 23: Monday, September 23

God of strength, I pray for farmers, workers, consumers and their families who are mostly affected by trade policies. Guide legislators to dialogue and move forward sensible trade laws that benefit all involved.

Day 24: Tuesday, September 24

Today I pray that we as a nation affirm the dignity of every person and honor the international right for refugees to seek safety. Merciful God, I pray for unity and solidarity with refugees in this desperate time of need. 


Day 25: Wednesday, September 25

Loving God, I pray for my sisters and brothers in the Bahamas who have been devastated by the recent hurricane and now face the danger of heavy rain and flooding. May they be provided with support and shelter. 


Day 26: Thursday, September 26

Today I pray You grant the gift of compassion to those who enslave others for profit. I pray for courage for those who are enslaved. May they be liberated from their captors and find support and understanding. 


Day 27: Friday, September 27

God of love, I pray for the healing of divided communities in our nation. Inspire us to reach out to our neighbors, find opportunities to dialogue and share the gifts of welcome and acceptance. 


Day 28: Saturday, September 28

Today I pray for the Indigenous peoples around the world whose lives are threatened by corporate decision makers seeking their own gains. Protect these people who depend on their land, clean water and air to survive.

Option to Take Action:

Take action to uphold the Refugee Resettlement policy in the United States. Click or copy this link:

Week Five


Day 29: Sunday, September 29

Today I pray for the United Kingdom. May the country’s difficulties with its “Brexit” break from the European Union be resolved soon and peacefully. Whatever transpires in this divisive time, help keep “United” countries united. 

Day 30: Monday, September 30

Everlasting God, I pray for resilience, restoration and happiness for all of your servants who daily help others before thinking of themselves. May their service inspire others to bring about similar action with love.

Day 31: Tuesday, October 1

Today I pray for places of conflict throughout the world. Let Love love through me and others so that desperation and pain are calmed and healed.

Day 32: Wednesday, October 2

Loving God, enrich my mind with wisdom. Guide me in building bridges with others. Give me courage to leave my safe shorelines and actually walk on the bridges I’ve built. May I meet others there and find peace and unity.

Day 33: Thursday, October 3

God, once again, I turn to the U.S. southern border and ask for Your protection and care of our brothers and sisters who are stuck there. Keep families united, safe and healthy. Provide them with a path forward.


Day 34: Friday, October 4

FEAST OF ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI - Creator God, help me to be alert to life around me, from the smallest animals to the ecosystems that sustain them. I pray to care for Your gift of creation and to encourage others to do likewise.

Day 35: Saturday, October 5

Today I pray for safety from gun violence. God of love, guide us to intervene before those with unhealthy or wounded minds act out with firearms. Enable peace and reason to prevail against the threat of weaponry that destroys.

Option to Take Action:

Tell Nestle to stop using single-use plastic.
Click or copy this link:

Week Six

Day 36: Sunday, October 6

Loving God, show me how to help people struggling with homelessness. Break down my assumptions and stereotypes of how others have landed in misfortune. Make it clear how I may contribute to solutions large or small. 

Day 37: Monday, October 7

Today I pray for Indonesia. Keep the citizens safe as they protest the removal of anti-corruption measures. God, lead those with power to hold it responsibly for the good of those they serve. 

Day 38: Tuesday, October 8

All-knowing God, remind me of injustices that may lose my attention in the flood of information available today. Never let me forget the crime of human trafficking. I pray for the hidden victims who’ve lost their freedom and family.


Day 39: Wednesday, October 9

Today I pray for long-term solutions that reverse the man-made influence on extreme weather. Help those who suffer from droughts, floods and other catastrophes. Show me how to decrease my environmental footprint.


Day 40: Thursday, October 10

God, give me eyes to see my brothers and sisters as You do. I pray to see through lenses that recognize actions over appearance and perceived status. Help us all to look at one another with a spirit of unity and coorperation. 

Day 41: Friday, October 11

Today I pray for wisdom for our elected representatives, even if I didn’t vote for them. Help them listen to what people need and inspire them to take creative action for the common good. Fortify them against special interests & agendas. 

Day 42: Saturday, October 12

God of provision, guide me to make smart choices in what I consume. May these decisions be multiplied throughout supply chains for the sustainability of our resources, especially in the channels that provide us with food. 


Option to Take Action: 

Urge your legislators to resist a climate denial agenda. 
Click or copy this link:

Week Seven


Day 43: Sunday, October 13

God of wisdom, touch the hearts of world leaders that instigate dissent at a global level. Guide them with knowledge and humility to make decisions that promote dialogue and tolerance, and lead to a unified community. 

Day 44: Monday, October 14

I pray for fair wages for workers who often struggle with feeding their families and paying their rent. God of Justice, may elected officials and employers work together to provide just wages for all working people.

Day 45: Tuesday, October 15

Today I pray for the families from Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Guatemala who face crop failure due to recurring drought. Influence authorities to engage communities in dialogue that addresses their dire needs.

Day 46: Wednesday, October 16

WORLD FOOD DAY - Compassionate God, I pray for vulnerable families struggling with hunger. May Your love guide legislators and key decision makers to prioritize policies that tackle food scarcity.

Day 47: Thursday, October 17

INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR THE ERADICATION OF POVERTY - Today I pray for my brothers and sisters combating poverty, including those directly impacted by environmental degradation. Giving God, lead us to a sustainable way of life.

Day 48: Friday, October 18

God of peace, I pray for all people around the world voicing their concerns and standing up for human rights to create a just and sustainable world. May they be heard and protected by their government leaders. 


Day 49: Saturday, October 19

Today I pray for our brothers and sisters who are lonely and afraid. I especially pray for those experiencing homelessness. God of Mercy, guide us so that we may we see the human person and acknowledge their dignity. 


Option to Take Action:

Take action by asking Congress to fund Homeless Assistance Grants. Click or copy this link:

Week Eight

Day 50: Sunday, October 20

God of love, I pray for my brothers and sisters living on the streets who are affected by mental illness, poor health, physical disabilities and substance abuse. Help me be a provider who assists my brothers and sisters without judgement. 

Day 51: Monday, October 21

I pray for dialogue in all communities. I pray that courtesy and respect for each other’s point of view is always shown, regardless of our culture and tradition. Help me play a role in civil conversation that unites instead of divides. 

Day 52: Tuesday, October 22

Today I pray for elected representatives to move forward just policies that protect our common home and the human dignity of all.


Day 53: Wednesday, October 23

God of hope, I pray for the Indigenous people of West Papua, Indonesia. Grant that their human rights be respected and that they can live in dignity and hope. May authorities take responsibility to protect this vulnerable community. 

Day 54: Thursday, October 24

Today I pray for all children facing homelessness. Touch my heart, and inflame the compassion of many, to take action and show them Your merciful love.

Day 55: Friday, October 25

I pray for an end to sex and labor trafficking. Heavenly God, help me become aware that I can be part of the solution by learning more and being conscious of my purchasing choices and habits. 

Day 56: Saturday, October 26

Today I pray for our brothers and sisters living in poverty and on the brink of becoming homeless. Influence communities to find compassionate solutions. Encourage legislators to create living wages and affordable housing. 

Option to Take Action:

Take action to restore the Voting Rights Act. Click or copy this link:

Week Nine


Day 57: Sunday, October 27

God I pray for will power to reverse the man-made systems driving climate change. Let this turnaround be fueled by compassion for the billions of people in poorer, hotter, low-lying regions who face displacement by extreme weather. 

Day 58: Monday, October 28

God of love, carry me beyond my biases and insecurities to welcome the “strangers” in my life, whether they are nearby, or traveling across a border. Give me courage to advocate for those seeking safety and opportunity. 

Day 59: Tuesday, October 29

Today I pray for faith, wisdom and the ability to articulate it, so that many may be influenced to reject divisiveness, fear and hate. God, guide me to see my brothers and sisters as You do, and to decry the myth of the undeserving poor. 

Day 60: Wednesday, October 30

God of peace, I pray for an end to conflict throughout the globe, especially in Northern Syria along the border with Turkey. Keep people safe and replace fear and desire for power with a thirst for cooperation and social justice.

Day 61: Thursday, October 31

Today I pray for my departed loved ones. May our love for each other be an expression of Your love for us, and shared with new generations of family and friends. Replace my grief with enduring love.

Day 62: Friday, November 1

ALL SAINTS’ DAY - Today I pray for a life well-lived; a life dedicated to you, God. Thank You for those who have shown us how. I especially pray for the Saints we do not yet know, who anonymously guide others to You.


Day 63: Saturday, November 2

ALL SOULS’ DAY - Heavenly God, I pray for compassion and humility to let go of past hurts and grudges, to ask for forgiveness, and to make relationships right, especially with those souls who have entered eternal life.


Option to Take Action: 

Take action to advance global progress against maternal and child malnutrition. Click or copy this link:

Week Ten

Day 64: Sunday, November 3

Today I pray for the victims of natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and wildfires. Restore them quickly. Bring people together to respond with a generous spirit to help their brothers and sisters in need.

Day 65: Monday, November 4

Creator God, thank you for entrusting this planet to me. Inform my choices so that decisions I make, especially about my purchases, do not harm the environment. Guide businesses and consumers to protect our common home.

Day 66: Tuesday, November 5

Today, a year from the next U.S. general election, I pray for a renewal of civil discourse. Enable me to listen to people. Inspire me to engage positively in conversation about issues of our time without name-calling and divisiveness. 


Day 67: Wednesday, November 6

Today I pray for ethnic and religious minorities, especially the Kurdish people. Safeguard them from persecution of any kind. 

Day 68: Thursday, November 7

God of abundance, help me to advocate for systems that eliminate food deserts that prevent access to affordable, quality, fresh and healthy food for families with less means.

Day 69: Friday, November 8

God, free me from distraction. Let me be attentive to all of my brothers and sisters. Do not let me forget those in need because they have fallen from a news cycle. Today, I pray for families separated at the U.S. - Mexico border. 

Day 70: Saturday, November 9

Loving God, gift me with eyes to see when people are hurt by systems that seek to take advantage of them. And when I see an injustice like human trafficking or slavery, give me the courage to take action.

Option to Take Action

Our appetite for snacks and candy has made the Sumatran Tiger an endangered species. Stop deforestation. Save Sumatran Tigers.
Click or copy this link:

Week Eleven


Day 71: Sunday, November 10

I pray for those affected by inhumane immigration policies including mixed-status families, DACA recipients, refugees, asylum seekers, undocumented and those on the border waiting to apply for asylum. God of Love, give them hope.

Day 72: Monday, November 11

VETERANS’ DAY (U.S.) - God of love, I pray for those who have served this nation and have sacrificed their lives for our freedom. I pray for their families too. Protect the lives of those serving now; may they safely come home soon.

Day 73: Tuesday, November 12

Today I pray that I may listen patiently to others’ ideas and opinions as U.S. citizens move closer to the 2020 general election. I pray that I see the good in the dear neighbor and find ways to dialogue civilly and respectfully.

Day 74: Wednesday, November 13

God of compassion, I pray for the Indigenous Peoples of the Amazon who are fighting for their survival. Protect their lives and the forest from attack by logging, mining and agribusiness multinationals who violate their land rights.

Day 75: Thursday, November 14

Today I pray that our local governments find ways to house people instead of expanding punitive measures that criminalize homelessness. God of Mercy, I pray for shelter and affordable housing solutions for those living on the streets.

Day 76: Friday, November 15

Today I pray for our incarcerated brothers and sisters who live in pain and isolation and for all the victims of crime who grieve and continue live in anguish. May each be embraced with Your healing love. 

Day 77: Saturday, November 16

Today I pray for the members of Guardians of the Forest whose lives are in danger. God of Mercy, protect them as they fight without their government’s support to save the lungs of our planet, the Amazon rain forest. 


Option to Take Action:

What if the only country you know threw you out? Take action to protect Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients. Click or copy this link:

Week Twelve

Day 78: Sunday, November 17

Today, I pray for all the communities of color whose health is disproportionately impacted by air and water pollution. God of Justice, may their pleas be heard as they demand cleaner air and safer drinking water.

Day 79: Monday, November 18

God of Love, I pray for all victims of violence, especially for children who find themselves alone and unprotected. Embrace them with Your loving support that gives them hope. 

Day 80: Tuesday, November 19

Today I pray that Your wisdom, patience, and love fill me up and serve as a blessing to my brothers and sisters in the U.S. and beyond. 


Day 81: Wednesday, November 20

Today I pray for reverence for all of life and that I be reminded of the dignity of every person. God of Compassion may those who are on death row be given the chance to live out their sentence. 


Day 82: Thursday, November 21

God of All, I pray that business leaders, government servants, and people holding power in their organizations find ways to address structural inequality that impacts our families, communities and nation.


Day 83: Friday, November 22

Today I pray for peace in our world. Loving God, I ask for courage to let peace begin with me. I pray for awareness and wisdom to keep from “othering” people. Awaken me to be open and welcoming to my sisters and brothers. 


Day 84: Saturday, November 23

God of Wisdom, I pray that today I make a conscious effort to live simply so that future generations have an opportunity to simply live. I pray for guidance as I put into practice this commitment one day at a time. 


Option to Take Action: 

Take action to restore the Voting Rights Act. Click or copy this link:

Week Thirteen


Day 85: Sunday, November 24

Today I pray for people who cling to guns for a sense of empowerment or as a tool to express their pain. I pray for common sense legislation and practices that keep guns out of the hands of people who are a danger to themselves and others. 

Day 86: Monday, November 25

I remember in prayer all of the migrants moving through the world who are seeking relief from violence and poverty. Enable me to see past my biases and justifications, to witness to and assist these sisters and brothers as You would. 

Day 87: Tuesday, November 26

God of grace, guide me to hear the concerns facing fellow U.S. citizens wherever they are. Lead me away from the temptation to label whole states as “red” or “blue.” Help me to reject division and embrace unity. 

Day 88: Wednesday, November 27

Creator God, as I pause to give thanks tomorrow, let me thank You now for the gift of this Earth. You have given us a beautiful and diverse home. Guide me to care for it and sustain it for people today as well as for my descendants.

Day 89: Thursday, November 28

THANKSGIVING - Gracious God, as I celebrate Your abundant blessings in my life, I ask You to lift up those who have sacrificed greatly for a just world. Thank You too, for Your Son, who gave all for my sisters, brothers, and me. 

Day 90: Friday, November 29

Today I pray to look past the wants of consumerism and recognize how I can share my blessings as a gift to others. Show me ways I can share with people experiencing homelessness, or hunger, or loneliness, or despair.


Day 91: Saturday, November 30

On the eve of Advent, I pray for patience that can overcome impulses for instant gratification, that can pause knee-jerk reactions in favor of loving responses, and can abide in faith, hope and trust that Your light is near.


Option to Take Action: 

Support pro-democracy reforms and urge your Representative to vote YES on the For the People Act (H.R.1). Click or copy this link:

Week Fourteen

Day 92: Sunday, December 1

Today I pray for people experiencing homelessness due to addiction, financial hardship, mental health or any other reason. I also pray for compassion and an end to nimbyism so that lives may change in a positive direction.

Day 93: Monday, December 2

God, you know all of our stories, including those hidden from society. I ask You to be with victims of human trafficking. Free them from being trapped in unjust labor or sexual exploitation. Stop people from profiting in the shadows.

Day 94: Tuesday, December 3

God of wisdom, grant me the ability to recognize news that is authentic or fake, especially content designed to create division and doubt. Enable me to recognize Your truth and love, so that I may serve the common good.


Day 95: Wednesday, December 4

Today I pray for the stability of nations so that its citizens do not feel compelled to flee violence or poverty. 


Day 96: Thursday, December 5

God of creation, guide me to make choices that protect the resources we all share. Show me how to make lifestyle adjustments that decrease pollution, especially C02 and plastic.

Day 97: Friday, December 6

Compassionate God, please accompany those in despair or struggling with mental health. Use me to let people know they are not alone.

Day 98: Saturday, December 7

Today I pray for government service people around the world, especially for those in the military. May diplomacy always lead us away from conflict, and toward justice and prosperity for all nations. 


Option to Take Action:

Voters should choose who represents them, not the other way around. Sign this petition to end the manipulative practice of gerrymandering. 
Click or copy this link:

Week Fifteen


Day 99: Sunday, December 8

Today I pray that I continue to connect in conversation with You on the issues affecting my sisters and brothers at risk from unjust practices. Guide me to seek unity over division and discover ways to serve and welcome my neighbor.

Day 100: Monday, December 9

God, I pray for restoration of my spirit that has been weighed down by constant news of division and injustice. May the good news that You are with us continue to lift us up in hope.

Option to Take Action:

With the Census and mulitple election days, there are many opportunities in 2020 to make your voice heard. Take time to learn about your state’s voting rights and policies. Click or copy this link:

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