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Image by Karl Fredrickson

Series 4
-January-April 2019 -

Week One


Day 1: Sunday, January 20

Merciful God, we pray that our political leaders work together to end government shutdowns. Protect all workers and their families from suffering financial and related hardships created at the hands of others.

Day 2: Monday, January 21

DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. DAY - We pray for all the people who follow the legacy of Dr. King in advocating for just structures that overcome discrimination and protect the human dignity of one another.

Day 3: Tuesday, January 22

Compassionate God, awaken our hearts to unity and compassion and lead us to welcome our immigrant sisters and brothers in our midst.

Day 4: Wednesday, January 23

Today we pray for an end to violence in our world and for a commitment to respect the dignity of every human being.

Day 5: Thursday, January 24

Today we pray for “our common home” and to discover ways to act to halt climate change and its dreadful outcomes.

Day 6: Friday, January 25

God, grant our elected officials the wisdom to enact legislation that protects the most vulnerable among us, including our homeless sisters and brothers.

Day 7: Saturday, January 26

Today we pray that we find peace in our hearts so that we speak to others with words that are true and kind.


Option to Take Action:

Take time this week to find ways to be courteous in your everyday situations. Try to see the best in the people you meet.

Week Two

Day 8: Sunday, January 27

This week, we pray for Catholic schools. May they be builders of unity and reconciliation by forming their community of students, teachers, family and faculty into people who make a difference in the Church and global society.

Day 9: Monday, January 28

God of compassion, we ask you to guide all who are drawn to borders, whether they are seeking to pass through or protect them. May each know your heart for your people, so that all are treated with dignity and mercy.

Day 10: Tuesday, January 29

God of Wisdom, as we ponder the state of the union in the U.S., reveal to us that we are not at odds with one another; that we are in this life together. Encourage our thinking and actions toward helping our neighbors in need.


Day 11: Wednesday, January 30

Today we pray for those facing cold nights without a home. Move us all to help our brothers and sisters on the streets no matter the reasons. Heal all who struggle with addiction, illness and despair. Grant the life changes they need.

Day 12: Thursday, January 31

Today we pray for inclusiveness. Help us to look after those who feel alone, left out, unheard and excluded. Enable us to bring the isolated to a sense of home; a home that listens and is free from violence as a means of expression.

Day 13: Friday, February 1

God, let us build a relationship with our grandchildren’s grandchildren. Give us vision to see that care for our common home today helps the vulnerable in our world now and the countless generations who will follow us.


Day 14: Saturday, February 2

Today we pray for tomorrow: Super Bowl Sunday. Protect all people who are at risk of being trafficked, as often happens near a large sporting event. We pray it will be a safe celebration that unites family and friends in a shared experience.

Option to Take Action:

Take action to protect vulnerable families across our nation. Urge the President and Congress to end the government shutdown. Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Three


Day 15: Sunday, February 3

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY - Today we pray for those who contribute to sex exploitation by fueling its demand. May they become aware that without their purchase of these services, there wouldn’t be a market for sex trafficking.

Day 16: Monday, February 4

God of Wisdom, we ask You to guide our government leaders to work together to protect the well-being of all people. May they practice civility in their ongoing dialogue for a unified nation.

Day 17: Tuesday, February 5

Gracious God, we pray you enable us to recognize one another as sisters and brothers. Guide us to work together to do away with institutional racism that deteriorates our communities and nation.

Day 18: Wednesday, February 6

Today we pray for guidance that we all collaborate to be builders of a peaceful world for all future generations to thrive in and enjoy. We ask for humility to listen to other views respectfully and without judgement.


Day 19: Thursday, February 7

God of Love, we pray for compassion that we may be intentionally inclusive of others in our midst. We pray for wisdom to affirm the value of diversity of our “dear neighbor.”

Day 20: Friday, February 8

FEAST OF ST. JOSEPHINE BAKHITA - Just like St. Josephine Bakhita regarded others with compassion, we pray for compassion and understanding for all the women, men and children who are enslaved around the world today.

Day 21: Saturday, February 9

Creator God, we pray for our Indigenous sisters and brothers who face many challenges and crises in protecting their land. We pray that we understand that by protecting the land, we are ensuring our survival as well.

Option to Take Action:

Urge your legislators to protect our air, water and lands from pollution by supporting and implementing the Clean Power Plan. Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Four

Day 22: Sunday, February 10

Gracious God, awaken us to define strength not in how we win or display a perception of power, but in how we attend to the most vulnerable in our society.

Day 23: Monday, February 11

Today we pray for those at the mercy of drug addiction. God, we ask you to disrupt the elements of their dependency so they may break free, heal the causes that led them to addiction, and accompany the caregivers in their life.

Day 24: Tuesday, February 12

God of wisdom, speak to those who view climate change as a hoax to sabotage the U.S. economy. Assure skeptics that caring for our common home is caring for each other. Sustain our environment and prosperity for the good of all.


Day 25: Wednesday, February 13

We pray for eyes to see what occurs at our borders. Let us not be misled, but encouraged to seek Your justice. May we welcome the stranger with open hearts.

Day 26: Thursday, February 14

Today we pray for the loves of our lives: wives, husbands, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, friends and life partners. For those grieving the absence of a loved one, we pray that God’s love overflows in that space.

Day 27: Friday, February 15

We pray for blue and white collar working women and men who faithfully do their jobs to provide for their families. May workers always be treated fairly for the skills and effort they bring to business and public service.


Day 28: Saturday, February 16

God, sometimes we are afraid. We ask you to wash away fears of the unknown, and fears of those different from us. Help us to put our trust in You and love our dear neighbor no matter who they are.


Option to Take Action: 

Take action to protect our common home. Support climate action that meets the Paris Agreement goals.
Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Five


Day 29: Sunday, February 17

Loving God, as we continue to face conflict and turmoil as decisions are made by legislators in our nation, we pray that leaders prioritize workers and their families’ well-being.

Day 30: Monday, February 18

PRESIDENTS' DAY - Today we pray for President Trump. God, give the president wisdom and humility to bring U.S. citizens, and the international community, together to solve problems for the common good.

Day 31: Tuesday, February 19

God of Grace, we pray in thanksgiving for the courage of young people who speak out to change our economy of consumerism that is opposed to policies and practices that reduce global warming.

Day 32: Wednesday, February 20

Today we pray for God’s will for all people to eradicate inequality, oppression and institutionalized racism against our vulnerable sisters and brothers in our nation and across the world.

Day 33: Thursday, February 21

Today we pray for all refugees coming to our country and that we, as citizens, can make them know that they are welcome here.

Day 34: Friday, February 22

Today we pray for peace and unity in our world. God, give us hope and healing so that we find ways to work together as one for a better future.

Day 35: Saturday, February 23

God of Mercy, in protecting our common home, we pray You give us the will to live simply, avoid waste and protect our finite resources for the coming generations.

Option to Take Action:

Invite someone to join you to visit a senior living facility or visit someone from your church family.

Week Six

Day 36: Sunday, February 24

Loving God, help us to be open and attentive to hearing one another’s stories. Guide us in discernment that we may never be dismissive, skeptical or stubborn when listening to the voices of our brothers and sisters.

Day 37: Monday, February 25

You created us in your image, God. Help us to recognize You in each other, especially those who come to us in need at the border, in the street, in the places we work, and even in our homes. Let us love others as You love us.

Day 38: Tuesday, February 26

God, you have gifted us with intelligence and inventiveness that we sometimes use against ourselves by creating weapons. Protect us from abusing the power you’ve given us. Show us the way to use our abilities to create peace and unity.


Day 39: Wednesday, February 27

Today we pray for those without a home. We ask You to look after those on the streets facing the cold. Provide a safe place of rest for those in need. Move upon our hearts so we may assist our brothers and sisters.


Day 40: Thursday, February 28

God, we pray for the will to act to protect our common home. Awaken our heads and hearts to recognize how our choices today may effect those who follow us, and then help us to do something that will sustain our environment.

Day 41: Friday, March 1

We pray for people in places of conflict around the world. Influence leaders and their followers to put down their arms and seek resolution to what is causing them to destroy one another. Restore to wholeness all victims of violence.

Day 42: Saturday, March 2

God, we ask for courage to not be afraid of people who are different from us. Let us not look at outward appearance, but toward words and deeds. May we find common ground in our humanity and in Your love for each of us.

Option to Take Action:

Find opportunities to welcome and support your immigrant and refugee neighbors. Click here or copy this link to take action:

Week Seven


Day 43: Sunday, March 3

Creative God, we pray for our leaders’ determination to take action on climate change issues. Alert them to the social issues caused by the accelerated rise of global sea levels and inspire them to do something about it.

Day 44: Monday, March 4

Today we pray for motivation to move out of our comfort zones. Help us to speak about and act upon disheartening realities that harm our brothers and sisters and all of creation.

Day 45: Tuesday, March 5

God of mercy, we pray in thanksgiving for those who brought forth the International Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons and for those governments that have ratified it. We pray that U.S. leaders ratify it as well.

Day 46: Wednesday, March 6

Lead us not into temptation and deliver us from all obstacles that get in the way of drawing closer to you, God. Accompany us on our Lenten journey so that we emerge with hearts of compassion for one another.


Day 47: Thursday, March 7

God of peace, show us the path to make non-violence our way of life. Give us the wisdom to find ways to collaborate rather than compete, the desire to join in solidarity rather than judge, and the patience to love and heal our world.

Day 48: Friday, March 8

Today we pray for the end of all forms of discrimination against women. God, give us the courage to confront all forms of injustices and inequality and to work for systemic change that protects and empowers all women and girls.

Day 49: Saturday, March 9

Today we pray for the gift of time to just sit and listen to you, God. In hearing You, may we receive a heart of compassion throughout our days of working for peace and justice in our neighborhoods and around the world.


Option to Take Action:

Take time to identify a product or service that you often use and research how and where it is produced or delivered. What you learn may lead you to address labor exploitation.

Week Eight

Day 50: Sunday, March 10

Today we pray for all the people who make up our Church. Help us to be boldly transparent with each other, and unfailingly compassionate for those in need of healing. May our faith in each other be nurtured by our faith in You.

Day 51: Monday, March 11

God, we ask you to protect our homes as safe places to draw closer to You and to each other in our communities. Let them be places that build relationships. Shelter us from threats like climate change, poverty, crime and violence.

Day 52: Tuesday, March 12

Heavenly God, let us not be afraid of cultures different from our own. Make us blind to appearances and stereotypes, yet see clearly the unique beauty of each person created in your image.


Day 53: Wednesday, March 13

Today we pray for newly elected legislators’ understanding of why refugees and immigrants come to our country. Guide them to help end the cause that force people to flee their own countries and come to the U.S. for survival.

Day 54: Thursday, March 14

God, you have given us the example in your son Jesus of how to recognize and treat those viewed as being on the outside of society. Let this light our heart as we encounter those who are addicted, afraid, alone and angry.


Day 55: Friday, March 15

WORLD CONSUMER RIGHTS DAY - Today we pray that as citizens of the world we reflect on our patterns of consumerism and how they impact the dear neighbor and our common home.


Day 56: Saturday, March 16

God, there are times when we feel we are at the end of our rope, desperate and frustrated that life is not how we want it to be. Please comfort us in these times. Let us not act out in violence, but draw closer to each other in fellowship.

Option to Take Action: 

What is your global ecological footprint? Find out how many planets we would need if everyone lived like you. (Note: you will be asked for your e-mail address.) 

Click here or copy this link to take action:

Week Nine


Day 57: Sunday, March 17

God of unity, fill us with joy and delight when we gather with each other at parties and celebrations. In the midst of our happiness, let us be alert for the well-being of our loved ones.

Day 58: Monday, March 18

God, let me feel the fullness of Your love. When I feel insecure, vulnerable and far from You, others near me can suffer. Walk with me always. Reassured by Your presence, guide me to be an instrument of unity and reconciliation.

Day 59: Tuesday, March 19

ST. JOSEPH’S DAY - Loving God, thank you for choosing Jesus’ foster father, St. Joseph. Help us to share in his example of generous and unpretentious service.

Day 60: Wednesday, March 20

As spring is upon us, today we pray to be worthy stewards of Your creation. Guide us to care for one another by caring for our common home. Make it easier to change our behaviors that feed climate change and pollution.

Day 61: Thursday, March 21

Today we pray that families separated at our border are reunited. Watch over migrant families’ safety. Change the hearts of those who view migrants as threats rather than people in need.

Day 62: Friday, March 22

WORLD WATER DAY - Loving God, people around the world do not have access to safe drinking water. Embolden us to speak up against corporations and governments who view water as a commodity, rather than a human right.

Day 63: Saturday, March 23

Let us not forget that millions of people are trafficked around the globe. Today we pray for those vulnerable souls trafficked for labor or sexual exploitation. God, help them to find their freedom.

Option to Take Action:

Take action to protect the Clean Water Act. Click here or copy this link to take action:

Week Ten

Day 64: Sunday, March 24

As we progress deeper into the Lenten season, let us recognize what tempts us. Provide us with strength to resist temptations and any other obstacles we encounter that separate us from You.

Day 65: Monday, March 25

Today we pray for our children and the generations that will follow them. Give us wisdom today to make choices that will benefit them tomorrow and well into the future. Help us to nurture a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

Day 66: Tuesday, March 26

God of compassion, we pray for our elected leaders to make decisions that benefit the entire country rather than adhering to partisan divisiveness. Embolden their hearts to serve the most vulnerable among us.


Day 67: Wednesday, March 27

Today we pray for nations that marginalize any of their citizens, especially women and children and ethnic minorities. God, interrupt and dismantle the conditions that cause ignorance, suffering, poverty and oppression.

Day 68: Thursday, March 28

God of peace, protect those at risk in troubled places around the globe, from countries at war with others to homes with domestic violence. Keep us from turning to violence, and help us resolve conflicts quickly to protect life.

Day 69: Friday, March 29

Today we pray that entrepreneurs recognize that their talent for creating prosperity comes from You. Guide these creatives to use their gifts for the good of all, beginning with affordable medicines for all those who need them.

Day 70: Saturday, March 30

We pray for people who, for any reason, do not have a home. Intercede for those whose battle with addiction or struggle to maintain mental health have cost them a stable place to live.


Option to Take Action:

Participate in the world’s largest grassroots movement for the environment: Earth Hour. Turn off lights to raise awareness for protecting our common home. Click here or copy this link to take action:

Week Eleven


Day 71: Sunday, March 31

God of unfailing love, You are ever present to both saint and sinner. Remind us constantly in our dealing with family, friends and the stranger, that what we do unto others, we do unto You.

Day 72: Monday, April 1

God, this is a day when many celebrate foolishness. Help us to be faithful, not foolish. At times, it can seem irrational to advocate for change and systemic justice. Yet with You, all things are possible. Let us have faith in Your justice.

Day 73: Tuesday, April 2

Generous and Loving God, look after farmers around the world. They depend on the land for their sustenance and we depend on them for our nourishment. May rain fall as a blessing on their parched land.

Day 74: Wednesday, April 3

Today we pray for racial harmony and justice in our cities, nation and world. We pray for the grace to live as loving members of one human family, cherishing the richness and diversity of many cultures.

Day 75: Thursday, April 4

In thanksgiving for Pope Francis’ call and challenge to restore and protect creation, may our efforts to build sustainable ways of life bear fruit for our future generations.

Day 76: Friday, April 5

Merciful God, be with our sisters and brothers at the border who are weary, hungry and insecure about the future. Guide our elected leaders to pass legislation that ignores party lines and promotes the common good.

Day 77: Saturday, April 6

We pray for those imprisoned, those condemned to death and for victims of crime. Give us wisdom, O God, and the will to transform unjust systems that dehumanize the spirit and destroy the hope for a new day.

Option to Take Action

Commit to protect creation. Add a day of plant-based meals to your diet during Lent. Click here or copy this link to take action:

Week Twelve

Day 78: Sunday, April 7

WORLD HEALTH DAY – Merciful God, let us not forget the nearly 3.5 billion people around world who are without medical care. Give us courage to speak up for health care for all as a basic human right.

Day 79: Monday, April 8

Let us not forget that millions of men, women and children have been mistreated, harmed and enslaved due to human trafficking. Enable us to work toward eliminating it and viewing all human beings as children of God.

Day 80: Tuesday, April 9

O Faithful God, fill our hearts with patience and love that we may accept everyone, even those labeled as our “enemies,” as our sisters and brothers.


Day 81: Wednesday, April 10

On Dolores Huerta’s birthday, who has advocated for better working conditions for farm laborers, we pray God bless and protect all the women and men who work tirelessly to bring food to our tables.


Day 82: Thursday, April 11

Persistent God, give us the courage needed to be a voice for the dear neighbor who strives against all odds to provide a better life for his or her family.

Day 83: Friday, April 12

God, our refuge and strength, may we be touched by Your love that leads us to compassionate actions and a loving presence to our sisters and brothers experiencing homelessness.

Day 84: Saturday, April 13

God of peace, give us the vision to recognize Your spirit in every human being regardless of who they are or what they do. Guide us to break cycles of violence by realizing that peace begins with each one of us.


Option to Take Action:

Urge Wendy’s Restaurant to protect farm workers’ rights by joining the Fair Food Program. Click here or copy this link to take action:

Week Thirteen


Day 85: Sunday, April 14

PALM SUNDAY - Today we pray for awareness to recognize the true meaning of events happening around us, and for courage to make choices that may cause us suffering yet benefit those we love.

Day 86: Monday, April 15

Thank you God for providing for all of our needs. We ask for wisdom to be good stewards of Your resources in ways that benefit those in need.

Day 87: Tuesday, April 16

Today we pray for those making long journeys in search of a better life that is free of violence and poverty. Give us patience, compassion and wisdom to aid those who are seeking help.

Day 88: Wednesday, April 17

God of Creation, awaken our minds to recognize the strain on our common home created by our consumption. Help us to take clear, decisive action to protect our environment. May this protect all who share our Earth.

Day 89: Thursday, April 18

HOLY THURSDAY - Today we pray for time together with family and friends, and the courage to make self-sacrificing decisions that help one another.

Day 90: Friday, April 19

GOOD FRIDAY - Generous God, in the midst of our darkest days when we cannot see what is next, fill us with faith, hope and love. Please grant that any suffering we endure may bring You glory.

Day 91: Saturday, April 20

HOLY SATURDAY - God, we ask that you accompany all those who grieve the loss of their loved ones. Enrich our hearts to offer a compassionate presence to those in despair.

Option to Take Action:

Need an idea to address poverty in your community? Click here or copy this link to take action:

Week Fourteen

Day 92: Sunday, April 21

EASTER SUNDAY - He is risen! Thank you God for the gifts of becoming one of us, suffering and overcoming death on a cross, and making it possible to know You. Guide us to care for one another with Your Great Love.

Day 93: Monday, April 22

EARTH DAY - Thank you God for providing for all of our needs. We ask for wisdom to be good stewards of Your resources in ways that benefit all. With this prayer, we also think of nurturing resources for generations yet to come.

Day 94: Tuesday, April 23

Triune God, fill us with patience, humility, wisdom, courage and love so that we may end divisiveness and bring people together. Help us to take action each day to be a unifying presence among those we meet.


Day 95: Wednesday, April 24

All-knowing God, let us recognize our ignorance when we relate to one another and overcome it by discovering the dignity You’ve given each person, of any race or status.

Day 96: Thursday, April 25

Today we pray for big ideas to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles such as just immigration reform. It hasn’t happened yet, though that does not mean it cannot be achieved. With You, all things are possible.


Day 97: Friday, April 26

Healing God, care for each of us who are broken. Mend our minds, bodies and spirits. Empower us to heal each other without exacting terrible costs for care and medicine that leave us poor and having to make desperate choices.

Day 98: Saturday, April 27

Today we pray for an end to violence in all its forms, from wars among countries to domestic violence in the home. God of peace, embolden us to take action when we encounter abuse, and always advocate for the vulnerable.

Option to Take Action:

In honor of Earth Day, “Create Your Own Act of Green.” Click here or copy this link to take action:

Week Fifteen


Day 99: Sunday, April 28

You are the strength of my life. Whom shall I fear? Grant that I am unafraid of “them” whoever “they” may be: rich or poor, right or left, people of any color or creed. Enrich me to respond with love to all those I encounter.

Day 100: Monday, April 29

Loving God, we look to You for hope in a future that cares for all creation, heals those who are sick, extends a hand to those in need, protects those in danger, washes away fear, increases love and brings people together.

Option to Take Action:

Did you know a U.S. - Mexico border wall might spell the end for endangered species like wolves, ocelots and jaguars? Tell Congress to help people and the environment. Click here or copy this link to take action:

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