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Series 3
- September-December 2018 -

Week One


Day 1: Tuesday, September 4

Today we pray for employment. God, help us to obtain jobs at a fair and just wage. Let our work be balanced with our life so we may care for our health and our families. May it be fulfilling and beneficial to others now and in the future.

Day 2: Wednesday, September 5

God, we pray for healing and wholeness for those who have been abused. May our institutions do all that is needed to reconcile and restore those who have been hurt. Renew the faith of those who have lost trust.

Day 3: Thursday, September 6

Today we ask you God to walk with all immigrants, migrants and refugees. Help them to find much needed asylum and freedom from constant danger, poverty and oppression. Soften our hearts to welcome those in need.

Day 4: Friday, September 7

God, we ask for your help so that we may provide for future generations by solving today’s problems. Grant that we recognize ways to work together for the common good and defeat divisiveness like racism and discrimination.

Day 5: Saturday, September 8

Protect us, O God, from natural disasters like hurricanes, flooding, drought, wildfires and more. Keep us safe from harm, while you empower our will to do what’s needed to ease effects of climate change.


Option to Take Action:

Urge Congress to preserve and mondernize NAFTA, which supports 14 million American jobs. Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Two

Day 6: Sunday, September 9

Today we pray for displaced families around the world who endanger their lives trying to find a safe home. Give us courage to advocate for just laws that protect and free them from oppression.

Day 7: Monday, September 10

Today we pray for communities around the world that have forever changed by unprecedented loss caused by climate change. We pray that we all take responsibility to make changes that will lead to care for “our common home.”

Day 8: Tuesday, September 11

ANNIVERSARY OF 9/11 ATTACKS - Merciful God, we remember and pray for the victims of the terrorist attacks and their loved ones. We pray you provide them with consolation, courage and hope.


Day 9: Wednesday, September 12

We pray for the innocent victims around the world whose lives have been devastated in the aftermath of 9/11. God help us not forget that they too are hurting and innocently suffering from the consequences of others.


Day 10: Thursday, September 13

Today we pray for worldwide peace and reconciliation. God, we ask You to guide our minds and hearts to find ways to work together and restore wholeness to our global community.


Day 11: Friday, September 14

Loving God, we ask for healing and peace within our own hearts that will lead us to reconcile with others and build a community of support and respect.


Day 12: Saturday, September 15

Today we pray that world leaders prioritize dialogue over conflict when addressing the needs of vulnerable populations in their countries and around the world.


Option to Take Action:

Find opportunities to take action for world peace here:

Or, click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Three


Day 13: Sunday, September 16

God of Peace, hear our voice and instill in our hearts the strength to respond to hatred with love, to discrimination with unity, and to discord with solidarity. Embrace us with your wisdom as we work towards a peaceful world.

Day 14: Monday, September 17

Today we pray for the healing and rebuilding of communities torn apart by war and violence. God of healing, inspire us to create a peaceful world for our future generations.

Day 15: Tuesday, September 18

Today we pray for civil discourse in our upcoming elections. Give candidates the wisdom to respect and disagree civilly with one another. Guide our elected officials to practice conciliatory, bipartisan dialogue.

Day 16: Wednesday, September 19

Gentle God, enlighten us to find ways to be peacemakers with all of our “dear neighbors” Touch our hearts so we may forgive others and move forward in unity and acceptance of one another.

Day 17: Thursday, September 20

Today we pray for unity of all people. We pray that we recognize we are all sisters and brothers. Allow us to be instruments of peace. Merciful God, help us find ways to practice inclusivity in our community and around the world.

Day 18: Friday, September 21

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE - God of mercy and justice, our country and world are in need of peace and unity. Send Your Loving Spirit upon all nations’ leaders that they find common ground to work for the common good.

Day 19: Saturday, September 22

We pray for the transformation of hearts so that food resources are distributed evenly and justly among others. Help us share our abundance with our sisters and brothers who are hungry and living in poverty, wherever they may be.

Option to Take Action:

Find ways to promote peace by participating in the Campaign Nonviolence Week - September 15 - 23.
Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Four

Day 20: Sunday, September 23

Today we pray in thanksgiving for the “Season of Creation” as we find ways to celebrate and integrate it in our daily prayers. May our celebration move beyond human life to include all life that we encounter each day.

Day 21: Monday, September 24

God of compassion and justice, teach us to be inclusive of our indigenous sisters and brothers. Indigenous Peoples know and live the gratitude and respect for our Earth. May we join them in that appreciation and reverence.

Day 22: Tuesday, September 25

We celebrate Autumnal Equinox – when Earth teaches about the importance of balance. We pray for the gift that government and


corporate leaders bring balance into their realities for the common good of all people and creation.

Day 23: Wednesday, September 26

Gracious God, we pray for our world, our country, and ourselves that we may embrace the example of the nonviolent Jesus as we move through the day encountering situations that need healing and reconciling.


Day 24: Thursday, September 27

Today we pray for the workers who bring food to our tables, clothing to our bodies, and technology to our homes. God protect the workers who labor in dangerous conditions around the world including Latin America, Africa, Asia.


Day 25: Friday, September 28

Loving God, we pray for devoted healthcare workers who compassionately tend to those in need, especially in war torn countries. Give them courage and hope as they treat victims of war in the most horrible conditions.


Day 26: Saturday, September 29

We pray for countries where violence and war are still being waged: in Yemen, Syria, Nicaragua, Sudan, Venezuela, Gaza and the West Bank. We remember especially the innocent children whose lives will be forever changed by war.

Option to Take Action:

Write a letter to the editor and/or call your elected representatives and ask what their plan is to protect our air, water, and land from pollution and destruction.

Week Five


Day 27: Sunday, September 30

Today we pray for our Church, that it may be a place of radical welcome and inclusiveness for those who are seeking to know Christ, those who have a life-long love of Jesus and everyone in between.

Day 28: Monday, October 1

God of justice, we pray for courage and protection for women who have been abused and victimized by those with perceived power. Let justice be done and healing prevail.

Day 29: Tuesday, October 2

As the U.S. enters a last stretch toward its next elections, God we ask you to help us to respond in love to those with whom we passionately disagree. Let us recognize and imitate your love for each person.

Day 30: Wednesday, October 3

Today we pray for the people of Syria. May they find peace. Help them return to and rebuild their homes and livelihoods. May they experience unity, good health and prosperity.

Day 31: Thursday, October 4

Heavenly God, thank you for the countless good people who constantly and humbly do good works behind the scenes. We praise you for the help and encouragement they bring to all people in your name.


Day 32: Friday, October 5

Steadfast God, we ask for your strength so that we may continue to ceaselessly pray for the suffering who have been forgotten by the news cycle. Lift up those still struggling from disasters, hate crimes, migration and more.


Day 33: Saturday, October 6

God of wisdom, open the eyes of those refusing to see human-created climate change. Transform their hearts so denial becomes determination to change habits over a long term to help all who share our common home.


Option to Take Action:

Take action to prevent immigrant children from being detained longer than 20 days. A public comment period has been opened until Nov. 6th. Click the “Comment Now” button. Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Six

Day 34: Sunday, October 7

Merciful God, guide and support all people on the move as they seek a safe harbor after fleeing violence in places they once called home. Wash away our distrust and stereotypes. Help us to know and welcome migrants and refugees.

Day 35: Monday, October 8

Creative God, inspire us so that we find new and innovative ways to overcome our differences and care for one another.

Day 36: Tuesday, October 9

Today we pray that elected officials and their supporters will work for the common good of all. Help them find ways to compromise rather than battle over specialized agendas.


Day 37: Wednesday, October 10

Loving God, we pray for the people of Iran. Peacefully remove those who oppress their people and create conflict in the world. Help Iranians to a place of peace and prosperity.

Day 38: Thursday, October 11

God of compassion, walk alongside us and help us to see your presence in each person we meet. Clear our hearts of animosity toward those different from us. Help us overcome discrimination, distrust and division; lead us to unity.

Day 39: Friday, October 12

We pray for those who work at our border. Encourage their compassion toward those they encounter. Guide them through challenging circumstances and help them to always consider the God-given dignity of every person.

Day 40: Saturday, October 13

Today we pray for our common home. Let us care for our environment so that all people may find non-toxic nourishment, clean air to breath, and a safe place to call home. We pray this for people today and for all people who follow us.

Option to Take Action:

Are you registered to vote? If not...
Click on or enter this address to take action:
Share this others. Every vote matters.

Week Seven


Day 41: Sunday, October 14

Loving and gracious God, thank you for your presence in our lives. All good comes from you. Help us to recognize You within one another and reveal your glory in how we care for one another.

Day 42: Monday, October 15

God, today we ask that you change the hearts of people who act out violently. Help potential perpetrators find what they need to give them peace of mind and prevent acting out. Protect those at risk as targets of violence.

Day 43: Tuesday, October 16

Today we pray for patience, wisdom and compassion as we engage with traditional and social media in the run-up to elections. Let us remember that more unites us than divides us. Help us stay open to conversation.

Day 44: Wednesday, October 17

We pray for the people of Brazil as they face a pivotal election in their history. Free them from corruption and discrimination and lead them to solve their problems peacefully and with unity.

Day 45: Thursday, October 18

Creator God, help us live up to our responsibility to care for one another by caring for our planet. Help us change our habits so we may halt temperature increases and save others from drought and extreme weather.


Day 46: Friday, October 19

Let us remember in prayer all who have been forced from their homelands because of violence, poverty and other extreme conditions. Soften the hearts of those who will eventually receive people on the move.


Day 47: Saturday, October 20

Compassionate God, inspire us to care for the hidden people in our society, often working at low wages and without services they need to live. Help us remove obstacles to basic needs so that all may peacefully prosper.


Option to Take Action:

Protect immigrant families. Comment on proposed rule changes that will discourage those seeking lawful permanent residence from accessing public benefits. The “Inadmissibility on Public Charge Grounds” Comment Period is now available until Dec. 10, 2018. Click here to see other comments. Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Eight

Day 48: Sunday, October 21

Loving God, guide world leaders, who make and delegate important decisions for their nations, to work for the common good and on behalf of their people.

Day 49: Monday, October 22

God, today we pray for our sisters and brothers whose lives have been changed by recent natural disasters which have been intensified by climate change. Provide them with comfort and hope as they try to rebuild their lives.

Day 50: Tuesday, October 23

Today we pray for those who pollute our air, seas and water. We pray that they rectify their actions and collaborate with others to protect our only home.


Day 51: Wednesday, October 24

Eternal God, we pray that we make a commitment to live each day simply, by taking small and deliberate steps to protect our earth’s finite resources.

Day 52: Thursday, October 25

God of life, shepherd us to care for the earth at a time when we are witnessing the impact of global warming. We pray for unity as we experience divisiveness in addressing this alarming disaster before us.


Day 53: Friday, October 26

God of mercy, we pray that all leaders understand that climate change must be addressed now to ensure a prosperous life for our future generations.


Day 54: Saturday, October 27

Today, weeks after the release of the special report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), we pray that the voices of our vulnerable sisters and brothers most at risk from climate change are heard and respected.


Option to Take Action:

Speak up for future generations; fight climate change now.
Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Nine


Day 55: Sunday, October 28

Merciful God, at a time when we face immense division in our country, we ask for your guidance that we may listen with respect and respond in love to one another.

Day 56: Monday, October 29

God of love, as elections near, we ask You to soften our hearts and help us to prioritize the common good as we prepare to vote. Send upon Your love and wisdom so that we may walk in unity and acceptance of one another.

Day 57: Tuesday, October 30

Today we pray for our sisters and brothers who respond to uncertainty with fear and anxiety, often at the expense of others. Loving God, reassure us with confidence in one another to make our nation unified and resilient.

Day 58: Wednesday, October 31

God, when we find ourselves angry, defensive and divided with one another, help us to listen more, uphold dignity and respond with love. With trust in Your love and justice, grant us humility to reconcile with one another.

Day 59: Thursday, November 1

On All Saints Day, we pray for the holy who have come before us and for those who live among us now. We pray that their examples are a guide to draw us closer to you and to one another.

Day 60: Friday, November 2

On this day, All Souls Day, we remember our loved ones who have finished their journey on Earth, and await us in heaven. We pray that our dearly departed rest in peace, and ask You to bring comfort to those who miss them.

Day 61: Saturday, November 3

We pray to be a unifying presence amongst others at work, school and other public forums. Help us to be the calm, positive, unifying voice among others.

Option to Take Action:

This week, practice respectful conversation that include listening more and positively upholding the other person.

Week Ten

Day 62: Sunday, November 4

As we fall back with the change in Daylight Saving Time, we pray for Your wisdom in how we use our precious time. May the moments we have be used to provide rest for the weary, benefit those in need, and greet You in prayer.

Day 63: Monday, November 5

God of compassion, look after migrant people with Your care. Soften the hearts of those who place blame on them. Help us to recognize push factors that drive people from their homes, and guide us to solutions that benefit all.

Day 64: Tuesday, November 6

As people vote today, we pray to be inspired by the Holy Spirit to express how we collectively work together. Let us consider our


many blessings, make just choices, and act with wisdom and compassion.


Day 65: Wednesday, November 7

God, the day after this latest election in the U.S., help us to listen more, uphold dignity and respond with love as we interact with others who may be angry and hurt. Help us to create unity out of divisiveness.


Day 66: Thursday, November 8

Help us walk in the footsteps of the healing ministry of Jesus. Where there is brokenness, show us how to bring wholeness.

Day 67: Friday, November 9

Today we pray for constructive conversations that lead to action in the care of our environment. Open our eyes to see that caring for our common home means caring for one another.

Day 68: Saturday, November 10

God, heal the hearts of those who act out with violence. Before there is a need to pray for victims, help us become aware of those stuck in despair and dysfunction. May our compassion end tragic chains of events at the first link.

Option to Take Action:

Prepare for National Hunger and Homelessness Week (Nov. 10-18) by getting to know the agencies in your region and learning what you can do to help them. Also, be courageous and greet those who appear homeless. Acknowledgment can be a restorative act.

Week Eleven


Day 69: Sunday, November 11

VETERANS’ DAY - We pray for all Veterans and their families, especially those who have experienced the trauma of combat. God, assist us in providing all the care any Vet needs, and guide us to prevent future conflicts.

Day 70: Monday, November 12

Today we pray for the countless homeless families at our borders who are desperately seeking safety and a place to call home. Merciful God, provide them with protection and warm shelter.

Day 71: Tuesday, November 13

God we pray for awareness that supporting our homeless community is practicing our faith. Help us put our faith into action by making sure people have what they need to live, including food, health care and decent housing.

Day 72: Wednesday, November 14

Comfort our sisters and brothers living on the streets. God, give them courage and hope as we try to find ways to work together to provide food and a safe place for them to lay their head at night.

Day 73: Thursday, November 15

Today we pray for our homeless children who have been forced into a cruel reality through no fault of their own. God, allow us to be Your voice to advocate on their behalf and Your hands to shelter them.


Day 74: Friday, November 16

Around the world we see refugees traveling sometimes for months at a time in search for a new home. We ask You to provide Your loving embrace to protect them and guide them to safety and stable shelter.


Day 75: Saturday, November 17

God, we pray for just wages, affordable housing and health care to safeguard members of our communities from becoming homeless.

Option to Take Action:

Write a letter to your Congressional Representative and urge him/her to fund homeless assistance grants.
Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Twelve

Day 76: Sunday, November 18

We continue to pray for our sisters and brothers in the Jewish faith and in Thousand Oaks, CA as they continue to mourn for members of their families and community whose lives were violently taken away.

Day 77: Monday, November 19

God of mercy, we pray that you continue to provide strength to firefighters who work ceaselessly to protect the lives and homes of those in the path of deadly, destructive fires.

Day 78: Tuesday, November 20

We pray for the families who have lost their loved ones and/or their homes in life changing events. God, comfort them and guide them with hope and courage as they begin to rebuild their lives.


Day 79: Wednesday, November 21

God of peace, we ask that You embolden legislators to avert future gun violence by addressing common sense laws that keep guns out of the hands of people who are a threat to others and themselves.


Day 80: Thursday, November 22

THANKSGIVING - Gracious God, we give You thanks and praise as we celebrate unity and respect for one another. In our thanksgiving, we also pray to be a unifying presence that respects the dignity of our dear neighbor.

Day 81: Friday, November 23

We pray for our indigenous communities who are continually deprived of their human rights. God of compassion, we ask for wisdom for government leaders and oil corporations, so they do not desecrate native lands for profit.

Day 82: Saturday, November 24

God, we disagree with one another sometimes. We pray that You bless us with compassion, teach us to listen, and enable us to uphold the dignity of others. Guide us to be a calm, unifying voice when we find anger and division.

Option to Take Action:

Take action by urging your representative and senators to support the End Racial and Religious Profiling Act.
Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Thirteen


Day 83: Sunday, November 25

Today we pray for disaster victims who grieve from tremendous loss of loved ones and places called home. God, heal their hearts and empower our communities to restore their lives.

Day 84: Monday, November 26

God, we pray for a shared perception and understanding of facts shared in our news media. When we disagree, guide us to treat one another with dignity and respect. Defend us from divisiveness and separation.

Day 85: Tuesday, November 27

Creator God, provide us with foresight and willpower to take actions today to care for our common home. Bless our actions to serve as a love letter to our great grandchildren (in any part of the world) that says “we did this for you.”

Day 86: Wednesday, November 28

Loving and gracious God, we sometimes struggle with fear of and compassion for one another. Grant us your peace so we may welcome migrant brothers and sisters and shelter all in need of a home.


Day 87: Thursday, November 29

Today we pray for those in need of memory care and healing of other cognitive impairments. Help them remember, think and function clearly. God, we ask you to provide rest and rejuvenation for all caregivers in weary families.

Day 88: Friday, November 30

We pray for an end to the push factors that drive people from their homelands. May all who arrive at borders seeking help be protected from harm. Clear the way to asylum for those who need it. Let us do this as we would do for You.

Day 89: Saturday, December 1

God of community, shine a light on our forgotten brothers and sisters. Alert us to reach out, invite and welcome one another so that no one feels alone through our seasons of Advent waiting and Christmas joy.


Option to Take Action:

Take action to welcome and support your immigrant and refugee neighbors with any or all of these options.
Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Fourteen

Day 90: Sunday, December 2

God of peace, as we face difficult times of war and violence in our world, we pray for courage and determination to inspire calm and peace in those we encounter.

Day 91: Monday, December 3

God, we pray that we make time to engage others in respectful conversation that leads to meaningful dialogue. We ask this in hope for a unified nation.

Day 92: Tuesday, December 4

Today we pray that we recognize that walking with God means walking with our dear neighbor who is in need of our support and compassion.


Day 93: Wednesday, December 5

Merciful God, inspire us with compassion to overcome greed and selfishness, with selfless love to reject power and privilege, and with solidarity to overcome division and individual gain.

Day 94: Thursday, December 6

Today we pray that we have a gentler impact on our “common home” by looking for alternatives to gift giving this season. Guide our choices to be more thoughtful so that we may free ourselves from consumerism and waste.

Day 95: Friday, December 7

God of hope, bless Your people around the world who are striving to reconcile and live in peace and harmony.


Day 96: Saturday, December 8

God of love, instill in our leaders the wisdom and willpower to make sensible political and economic decisions to provide an affordable and healthy quality of life for all, across all nations.


Option to Take Action:

Stand with Refugees. Call your Congretional representatives and urge them to protect refugees seeking asylum. Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Fifteen


Day 97: Sunday, December 9

Throughout Advent, God, we ask for Your love to grow in our hearts each day so it overwhelms us and overflows to others. May this abundance extinguish violence, nurture lasting peace, and sustain generosity with one another.

Day 98: Monday, December 10

Today we pray for anyone in need of the safety and love of a home: for refugees fleeing danger, for people on the streets, and for victims of disaster. Help us to solve systemic problems to welcome our sisters and brothers home.

Day 99: Tuesday, December 11

God, the problems that separate us can always be overcome with Your great love. Guide us to heal our divisions and be a unifying

presence by listening more, upholding dignity and responding with love to those we encounter.

Day 100: Wednesday, December 12

Thank you God for hearing our prayers these past 100 days and always. As you listen to us, help us to hear you better so that we may be your hands and feet on Earth, to care for all in need and to bring people together.


Option to Take Action:

Join “Love Knows No Borders” week of action from Dec. 10-18 and stand in solidarity with our immigrant sisters and brothers seeking asylum. Click on or enter this address to take action:

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