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Series 15
-September-December 2022 -

Week One


Day 1: Sunday, September 4

God of mercy, inspire world leaders with a true desire to eliminate disparities of health, wealth, and power among our brothers and sisters, so that everyone may share fully in the earth’s gifts.

Day 2: Monday, September 5

Today I pray for peace and justice, may our hearts be opened, our minds understand, our ears listen to appreciate diversity and cultivate respect, dignity, and justice for all.

Day 3: Tuesday, September 6

God of hope, as the election approaches, I pray for our nation. Guide me, lead me to understand the issues our country faces. May my vote reflect Your love in action.

Day 4: Wednesday, September 7

Today I pray for creation, teach me to live gently upon the earth. I pray that through my example, I empower future generations to respect Your creation we all share.

Day 5: Thursday, September 8

God of all, protect our brothers and sisters who have fled their homes due to economic insecurity. Give us the resources to welcome each person who comes to us in need.

Day 6: Friday, September 9

Today I pray for our unhoused brothers and sisters around the world. May we work to lighten the burden of those who lack basic needs and may our efforts bring permanent solutions to global poverty.

Day 7: Saturday, September 10

God of mercy, today I pray for the millions of survivors of trafficking. May their wounds be healed and may their dignity be restored. Help them find comfort, safety, and hope.

Option to Take Action:

Take action to keep fossil fuels out of the Great Lakes. Visit

Week Two

Day 8: Sunday, September 11

Creator God, grant me the awareness to care for our common home. Guide me towards actions than can help reverse destructive trends and habits.


Day 9: Monday, September 12

Today I pray for those suffering from extreme heat, drought and floods across the world. May they be provided with protection and resources needed to survive and rebuild their lives.

Day 10: Tuesday, September 13

Unifying God, I pray for an end to discriminating and intimidating practices that suppress people’s right to vote in our nation.


Day 11: Wednesday, September 14

Today I pray for my unhoused sisters and brothers who face anguish and uncertainty. Lead lawmakers to pass legislation that provides resources, social assistance, and shelter.

Day 12: Thursday, September 15

Merciful God, I pray for Your presence in the lives of migrants who make the difficult decision to abandon their homes to flee from violence, hunger, and climate crisis.

Day 13: Friday, September 16

Today I pray for guidance to listen with compassion to other perspectives. May this lead me to respect different points of view, recognize people’s dignity, and respond with love when I engage in conversation.

Day 14: Saturday, September 17

God of Justice, instill in me the determination to be outspoken against injustice towards marginalized communities and victims of institutionalized racism.

Option to Take Action:

Participate in “Campaign Nonviolence” from Sept. 21 – Oct. 2 Visit

Week Three


Day 15: Sunday, September 18

Holy Spirit, fill me to overflow with kindness and grace for everyone I encounter. May my joyful interactions inspire others to see each person with dignity, and lead toward actions for justice.

Day 16: Monday, September 19

Today I pray for those displaced by ecological disasters to be fully restored. Strengthen my will to change habits in ways that protect our common home and weaken impacts of climate change.

Day 17: Tuesday, September 20

Gracious God, lead me to be a unifying presence during election season. Help me share opinions wisely and never stoke division. Show me how to respond in love to those with whom I disagree.

Day 18: Wednesday, September 21

INTERNATIONAL DAY OF PEACE – Today I pray for an end to the violence, destruction, separation, and loss caused by war. Convert hearts to seek peace and restore nations beset by conflict.

Day 19: Thursday, September 22

God of all, guide those who are forced to migrate because of violence, poverty, and ecological disasters to find safety, hospitality, and new opportunity. Help me to be a welcoming presence for migrants.

Day 20: Friday, September 23

Today I pray for the barriers to affordable housing to be dissolved. Enlarge the inventory of places where people can live at costs below a third of household income. Help us to house everyone.

Day 21: Saturday, September 24

God of abundance, You can provide everything I need. Weaken my desire for things I want but do not need. Let surpluses in food, clothing, shelter and more find their way to people who lack them.

Option to Take Action:

Urge Congress to enact policies that strengthen and protect child nutrition. Visit

Week Four

Day 22: Sunday, September 25

Today I pray for unity and solutions toward our humanitarian crisis at the US southern border. Prevent migrant people from being used as political pawns. May they be treated with dignity.

Day 23: Monday, September 26

God of love, help me to not be desensitized or overwhelmed by violence in our world. Protect my compassionate heart so that I may advocate for non-violence and peace.

Day 24: Tuesday, September 27

Today I pray for fair voting practices and the integrity of voting processes in every state. May everyone eligible to vote be able to with ease and may the election process unite us as a people.


Day 25: Wednesday, September 28

God of creation, reveal how I may be the best possible steward of our water resources. Guide me to ensure equitable access to this precious resource, and to care for it for the sake of all.

Day 26: Thursday, September 29

Today I pray that in our abundance of food, that the surplus finds a path to those who are hungry. May smart, systemic structures end the need for anyone to be hungry.


Day 27: Friday, September 30

God of mercy, teach me to be a voice for the voiceless to change circumstances for those treated unfairly and in need of assistance. To be a voice, first teach me to listen and comprehend before I speak.

Day 28: Saturday, October 1

Today I pray that war in Ukraine swiftly come to an end. Stop the violence, heal what is broken, let nourishment reach the hungry, and provide warmth where there is cold.

Option to Take Action:

Urge Congress to reauthorize the 2023 Farm Bill to address immediate hunger needs for millions of children world wide. Visit

Week Five


Day 29: Sunday, October 2

God of Abundance, transform my heart today so that I will use my actions to eliminate poverty by feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, and protecting those sickened due to scarcity and deprivation.

Day 30: Monday, October 3

Today I pray for peace in our world. May peace and consolation reach the hearts of those who anguish over the loss of a child, a parent, a friend, or a loved one due to violence.

Day 31: Tuesday, October 4

God of Creation, I praise you for brother sun and sister moon and ask that my daily actions to protect our common home make me a just steward of the earth and Your blessings.

Day 32: Wednesday, October 5

Today I pray for a blessing upon all who work to welcome the stranger. May the God of Welcome bless the work of their hands and their actions that build communities of goodness and hospitality.

Day 33: Thursday, October 6

God of Mercy, safeguard the marginalized who disproportionately suffer from natural disasters due to climate crisis, especially our brothers and sisters facing flooding, hurricanes, wildfires, drought and typhoons around the world.

Day 34: Friday, October 7

Today I pray for our brothers and sisters suffering from mental health issues and addictions. May I become a light in their darkness and share Your compassion, love, and care.

Day 35: Saturday, October 8

God of All, as we approach a national election, I pray for the grace to see those with different opinions, not as enemies, but as brothers and sisters.


Option to Take Action:

Take action to treat and prevent global malnutrition. Visit

Week Six

Day 36: Sunday, October 9

God of compassion, give hope to all my brothers and sisters that grieve from the consequences of recent natural disasters. May they be provided with the help needed to restart their lives.

Day 37: Monday, October 10

Today I pray for children, young adults and older people who struggle to acquire the essential necessities of life. May they be provided with the provisions needed to survive and live sustainably.

Day 38: Tuesday, October 11

God of Justice, I pray for the abolition of newly implemented laws that impose voter suppression measures, such as obstacles to voting by mail and new voter ID requirements that target people of color.


Day 39: Wednesday, October 12

Today I pray for a world free of a nuclear threat and an end to violence against one another. May we work in unity to build communities that bring people together.

Day 40: Thursday, October 13

God of Peace, guide U.S. leaders to end military funding to countries that instill violence against marginalized people who disproportionately suffer from oppression. Touch their hearts with compassion to protect the vulnerable.

Day 41: Friday, October 14

Today I pray for the elimination of child hunger in our nation and around the world. May leaders know better and prioritize child nutrition programs over the funding of military operations.

Day 42: Saturday, October 15

Inclusive God, guide me to recognize Your Holy presence in all those I meet. I pray for courage and ongoing energy to continue the work in ending racism in our hearts, communities, and nation.

Option to Take Action:

Take action to stop offshore drilling in the Gulf South and in Alaska.


Week Seven


Day 43: Sunday, October 16

God of peace, we ask that our brothers and sisters in Ukraine find refuge from the war brought to their land. Place the war on the path to peace rather than escalation.

Day 44: Monday, October 17

Today I pray for Your presence in places of power. Reveal hidden influences of racism that treat our brothers and sisters unfairly and with contempt and heal any trace of discrimination in our hearts.

Day 45: Tuesday, October 18

God of abundance, we ask You to help us replenish the Earth’s water supply. Lead us to care for this vital resource and make sure it remains available and affordable for all who need it.

Day 46: Wednesday, October 19

Today we pray for peace and unity with our indigenous brothers and sisters who face various forms of oppression.

Day 47: Thursday, October 20

God of justice, we pray for equitable access to voting in underrepresented communities. Remove all barriers for people to be heard and represented in our communities.

Day 48: Friday, October 21

Today we pray for our brothers and sisters who are migrating towards a life of safety and opportunity. We ask You to provide all the resources they need for a safe transition into their new lives.

Day 49: Saturday, October 22

God of fulfillment, today we ask that you provide for those who are without nourishment. Guide our abundant food through supply chains to reach those who are hungry.

Option to Take Action:

Learn whose ancestral territories you live on and the history of the land. Visit htps://

Week Eight

Day 50: Sunday, October 23

Today I pray for gender equality throughout the world so that my sisters can be paid equitably for the work they do, represented equally in government, and have the same expectations for personal safety as my brothers receive.

Day 51: Monday, October 24  

Gracious God, You provide us with all that we need. Help me realize I have enough and guide me to spend my earnings in ways that contribute to the common good and care for the Earth.

Day 52: Tuesday, October 25

Today I pray for poise and wisdom when encountering and responding with love to demeaning political rhetoric. Lead me to civil conversation as I speak up for my vulnerable sisters and brothers during this U.S. election season.


Day 53: Wednesday, October 26

Merciful God, I ask that you bring peace now to the people of Ukraine. Protect them from the ravages of war like loss of life, injuries, hunger, poverty and destruction. Heal the injured, console the grieving, and restore their lands.

Day 54: Thursday, October 27

Today I pray for sustained action as a steward of our shared natural resources, especially water. Help me to care for these resources so they may be abundant, accessible and clean for people today and in future generations.

Day 55: Friday, October 28

Loving God, look with favor on those caught up in the U.S. criminal justice system. Let facts and fairness triumph over bigotry and biases so that justice is served and people are restored.

Day 56: Saturday, October 29

Today I pray for shelter for all those who want it. Lead me to advocate for affordable housing, cognitive healthcare, services to fight addiction, and to re-write policies that make it harder for a person to live in a home.

Option to Take Action:

Urge your Senator to Pass the Global Food Security Reauthorization Act. Visit htps://

Week Nine


Day 57: Sunday, October 30

God of Hope, renew my commitment to advocate for the common good so that my brothers and sisters, locally and globally, are fed, housed, employed, earn a just salary, and have their rights respected.

Day 58: Monday, October 31

Today I pray for all children, that they be protected from abuse, violence, and the uncertainties of war. Embrace them with Your love and keep them safe so that they lead healthy and thriving lives.

Day 59: Tuesday, November 1

God of All, I pray for the saints of our day, those who work endlessly for equality and justice. Inspire me to follow in their steps of resilience and courage in advocating for the vulnerable in my community.

Day 60: Wednesday, November 2

Today I pray for a blessing upon all who have died; may they be brought to a place of peace and happiness. I pray their loved ones find consolation and courage as they try to move forward.

Day 61: Thursday, November 3

God of Mercy, continue to protect the immigrants, the trafficking survivors, the refugees, and the victims of climate crisis. I pray my actions transform the hearts of others to get involved in advocating for migrant brothers and sisters.

Day 62: Friday, November 4

Today I pray for peace in the world. May God grant leaders of every nation compassion. I pray they consider safety and security for their people in every decision made.

Day 63: Saturday, November 5

God of Creation, I pray you instill in me appreciation for nature and the opportunity to care for and protect it. Lead me to find ways to engage others in care for our common home.

Option to Take Action:

Urge your representative to ensure stronger protections for vulnerable populations. Visit htps://

Week Ten

Day 64: Sunday, November 6

God of wonder, I pray to hear Your still, small voice and to discern where it is calling me. I ask for Your blessing in sharing the gifts You have given me for the benefit of my neighbors, especially those facing difficult circumstances.

Day 65: Monday, November 7

Today I pray my sisters and brothers and I engage in an inclusive society with a point of view that “we are all in this together” rather than “it’s us v them.” Empower us to engage with civility, reject division and strive for unity.

Day 66: Tuesday, November 8

On this U.S. Election Day, I pray for a peaceful and orderly voting process that enables all voters to be heard and counted. Protect the integrity of the election from the early morning poll workers through the final tallies and results.


Day 67: Wednesday, November 9

God of peace, I ask that you abide in the hearts and minds of all who feel frustrated, abused and unfairly treated. Wipe away thoughts of responding with threats and violence. Let us rest in confidence that justice will have its day.

Day 68: Thursday, November 10

Today I pray that our recently elected representatives honor the will of those they represent. Guide representatives to serve honorably in ways that benefit the common good. May results be seen in budgets and services that help all.

Day 69: Friday, November 11

Today I pray for Veterans who have risked life and limb to defend freedoms that can be taken for granted. May our collective gratitude be revealed in ongoing healthcare and other services that justly meet Veterans’ needs.

Day 70: Saturday, November 12

God of creation, I pray for united vision that recognizes the health of our world which is revealed over lifetimes and can be difficult to see. Help me to see it and take action with others to restore our common home for future generations.

Option to Take Action:

Urge President Biden to honor the sanctity of life and abolish the death penalty. Visit

Week Eleven


Day 71: Sunday, November 13

Unifying God, I ask that you guide me to nonjudgmental responses when I am talking with someone who holds a different political perspective than mine. Please help us find common ground in our conversations.

Day 72: Monday, November 14

Today I pray for the dear neighbor who struggles with the consequences of divisiveness, discord, and discrimination. May we see each other as brothers and sisters who depend on each other in our life’s journey.

Day 73: Tuesday, November 15

God of Peace, protect us from a global nuclear threat. Stir in leaders’ hearts a sense of unity and reconciliation with brothers and sisters in other nations. May they understand that the threat of violence can place the entire world in peril.

Day 74: Wednesday, November 16

Today I pray for all the young immigrants who, due to circumstances beyond their control, face tremendous challenges in trying to live out their dream of a stable life without the daily fear of deportation.

Day 75: Thursday, November 17

Compassionate God, shield my brothers and sisters experiencing homelessness from the hazards that place them in danger. Provide them with the resilience needed to navigate complicated systems and find assistance.

Day 76: Friday, November 18

Today I pray for the opportunity to indulge in Your creation. I pray that You enable me to be present in the moment, and do away with all negative thoughts and judgments. Instill in me a sense of gratitude and appreciation for all that is.

Day 77: Saturday, November 19

Loving God, I pray for all workers who struggle to make a living. Please provide them with courage and opportunities for better working conditions and wages. May they be recognized for the invaluable contributions they make.

Option to Take Action:

Urge Congress and the State Department to stop opposing reforms in Honduras. Visit

Week Twelve

Day 78: Sunday, November 20

God of all, I pray for patience and courage for all legislators to work together. Guide them to advocate for fair and equitable treatment of all persons and lead them to include all people at the table of opportunity.

Day 79: Monday, November 21

Today I pray for an end to the war against the people of Ukraine. Bestow Your reconciling love on those responsible for making decisions that lead to dialogue and ultimate resolution towards collaboration and peace.

Day 80: Tuesday, November 22

Compassionate God, I pray for my brothers and sisters who experience homelessness across the nation. Guide advocates and legislators to collaborate and find appropriate solutions to house our dear neighbor.


Day 81: Wednesday, November 23

Today I pray for newly elected representatives to honor the will of the people who support an inclusive democracy and pass legislation that contributes to the common good and protects our common home.

Day 82: Thursday, November 24

Compassionate God, I pray that I may remember my brothers and sisters who yearn to be with loved ones on this day when gathering in community is a common practice. I pray their love transcends to provide peaceful comfort.

Day 83: Friday, November 25

Today I pray for an end to violence against women and girls. Empower advocates, activists, and survivors to continue their work in standing up and calling for awareness and unified global action to protect women and girls.

Day 84: Saturday, November 26

Life-giving God, I pray for rain for those experiencing drought, conservation for those who waste it, and access to clean drinking water for those who lack it. Guide those in power to protect and share their water sources.

Option to Take Action:

Oppose dangerous oil and gas lease sales in the Gulf of Mexico. Visit

Week Thirteen


Day 85: Sunday, November 27

Today I pray to be attentive with hope, to look for signs, and to decisively act when the moment presents itself, serving others for the glory of God.

Day 86: Monday, November 28

Today I pray that people thinking of acting out violently with weapons may be interrupted by love and moved to a path free from hate, hurt and tragedy. Help me transform people stewing in hate.

Day 87: Tuesday, November 29

Today I pray to see the long story of climate change that unfolds across decades. Allow it to influence my decision making each day to minimize my footprint and protect our common home for future generations.

Day 88: Wednesday, November 30

God of healing, renew and restore the health and spirit of healthcare professionals and caregivers tending to those with acute, chronic, and long term illnesses.

Day 89: Thursday, December 1

Today I pray for people to see things whole and make choices for the common good rather than for immediate, personal benefit. Help us act together rather than separate from our brothers and sisters.

Day 90: Friday, December 2

God of wisdom, I pray for compassionate decision making among those influencing our society, from government policymakers to corporate executives. May their decisions benefit those most in need.

Day 91: Saturday, December 3

Today I pray for victims of war and violence that came uninvited into their lives. May they find safety, peace, and restoration.

Option to Take Action:

Urge President Biden to establish a Reparations Commission through Executive Order. Visit

Week Fourteen

Day 92: Sunday, December 4

God of creation, help me navigate the seasons of Advent and Christmas in ways that care for our common home. Lead me to share joy with family and friends without excessive consumerism.

Day 93: Monday, December 5

God of new life, reveal opportunities to help people find a path to a fresh start. Show me how to assist people who are migrants, trafficked, unhoused, and victims of violence to begin again.

Day 94: Tuesday, December 6

God of celebration, in this time of joy, open our eyes to see those facing issues of homelessness and poverty. Reveal how we can help provide gifts that last far beyond the holiday season.


Day 95: Wednesday, December 7

Today I pray that nations remain peaceful and prosperous with thoughtful planning, diplomacy, and just use of resources. May unprovoked war against other nations become a relic of history.

Day 96: Thursday, December 8

God of restoration, lead us to end the practice of unfair bail for accused people who are not dangerous to society. Do not let our justice system be unjust by separating families because of a lack of resources.

Day 97: Friday, December 9

Today I pray for relief from predatory business practices that make it more difficult for people to have an affordable place to live and provide other necessities like food.

Day 97: Saturday, December 10

God of all, lead me out of my comfort zone and realize I am not a bridge builder until I leave the safety of my side and venture to the middle of the bridge. Help me discover common ground.

Option to Take Action:

Urge your members of Congress to advocate for the Global Food Security Act. Visit

Week Fifteen


Day 99: Sunday, December 11

Today I pray for migrants seeking a better life for their families as they flee violence, persecution, and poverty. Let us welcome neighbors with laws that offer a sensible path to productive citizenship.

Day 100: Monday, December 12

God of peace, lead us to a new year that is free from violence and division. Help us to treat one another with civility and agree to equitable solutions for the common good.

Option to Take Action:

Urge Congress to fund and expand critical programs for families and children. Visit

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