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Image by Karl Fredrickson

Series 14
May-August 2022 -

Week One


Day 1: Sunday May 8

MOTHER’S DAY - Gentle God, I pray in gratitude for all mothers today. May their unconditional love be a source of inspiration for us all. Comfort those who miss their mother though cannot be close to her on this day.

Day 2: Monday, May 9

God of love, I pray for an end to war and violence against the people of Ukraine. May global leaders work together to end this humanitarian crisis. Guide me to support our refugee brothers and sisters.

Day 3: Tuesday, May 10

Merciful God, I pray for all children living in poverty, deprived from opportunities to live in a safe and nurturing environment. Enlighten legislators to provide a safety net for all children in need.

Day 4: Wednesday, May 11

God of justice, I pray for those who work to eliminate economic injustice and other disparities. May their efforts lead to an inclusive economy that provides opportunities for all in need.


Day 5: Thursday, May 12

Today I pray for leaders around the world to enact and follow policies that welcome and protect migrant and refugee workers in their countries. Guide them to support fair working conditions and just wages.


Day 6: Friday, May 13

Today I pray for my brothers and sisters who experience homelessness. Guide authorities to provide housing and other needed assistance. I pray You fill their hearts with courage and hope, and protect them from harm.


Day 7: Saturday, May 14

God of creation, guide me to appreciate the warmth of the sun, the tenderness of the night, and the beauty of Your Glory. Lead me to recognize my responsibility as steward of Your creation.


Option to Take Action:

Urge Congress to support an end to Title 42. Visit:

Week Two

Day 8: Sunday, May 15

Understanding God, I pray for patience and courage for the unhoused, migrants and trafficking survivors who are impacted by fear and uncertainty as they move forward in considering next steps in their lives.

Day 9: Monday, May 16

Today I pray for nuclear disarmament in our nation and around the world. Guide leaders to create paths to dialogue that foster understanding and lead to reconciliation among all nations towards a peaceful world.

Day 10: Tuesday, May 17

God of love, I pray for the caregivers who lovingly accompany those in need. Give them strength, do away with their frustrations, and nourish their spirits to continue their care.


Day 11: Wednesday, May 18

Today I pray for the gift of wonder that allows me to see Your creation with a sense of reverence. Challenge me to encourage others to see beauty in nature and experience a sense of awe.


Day 12: Thursday, May 19

Merciful God, I pray for workers who continue to struggle to provide for their families. May they be reassured by Your love and protection and may resources be provided to support their needs.

Day 13: Friday, May 20

Today I pray for single mothers who are constantly making difficult decisions to protect their children from uncertainty, insecurity, abuse, and violence. May they be aware of Your loving embrace that gives them hope and reassurance.

Day 14: Saturday, May 21

God of love, today I pray for all who are ill and are in need of Your healing and intervention. Grant them health, patience through recovery, and courage to face difficult decisions.

Option to Take Action:

Take action to end the war against Ukraine. Visit:

Week Three


Day 15: Sunday, May 22

Today I pray for an end to racism and all ideologies that feed ideas of any person having less value than another. Help me to stop extremism and to reverse it. May those struggling with mental health receive needed care.

Day 16: Monday, May 23

God of peace, lead me to a life that stands against violence in all its forms, especially with the use of weapons. Guide me be a difference in someone’s life, providing love in place of their pain, hate or ignorance that can lead to violence.

Day 17: Tuesday, May 24

Today I pray to be a voice of calm, wisdom and unity in the midst of divisive media and polarized politics. Assist me in treating everyone with dignity by responding with love rather than arguments and counterpoints.

Day 18: Wednesday, May 25

God of every nation, prevent the few people we call leaders from making decisions that harm so many. Enable Russia to find a way out of its war with Ukraine. Prevent pride from fueling further damage to the lives in Ukraine.


Day 19: Thursday, May 26

Today I pray for those who are hidden, forgotten or lost in a large, broken world. Though I may be overwhelmed with information, tasks and busyness, enable me to leave space to recognize and assist people I don’t often see.


Day 20: Friday, May 27

God of creation, grant me eyes to see the big picture of my influence on our environment and the will to act toward change. Let this spread to others so that we may protect our common home for all who follow us.


Day 21: Saturday, May 28

Today I pray that we remain alert to COVID variants and remember to use modified safe practices that enable people to safely gather in each other’s presence. Protect us from illness and restore those who have suffered.


Option to Take Action:

Tell Congress to extend the Child Tax Credit Visit:

Week Four

Day 22: Sunday, May 29

God of life, as we debate personal freedom, life and court decisions, guide us to civil and compassionate conversations. Enable us to take action on issues affecting all life, from birth to health care, poverty, migration, and beyond.

Day 23: Monday, May 30

MEMORIAL DAY (U.S.) - Today I pray for an end to conflicts that kill our brothers and sisters. Help us to cherish life and use diplomacy in place of death. May our dearly departed rest in peace. Comfort those they’ve left behind.

Day 24: Tuesday, May 31

Today I pray for just elections where people are adequately and fairly represented. Remove barriers that interfere with casting my vote. Enlighten me to be an informed voter. Help me to vote to best serve others.


Day 25: Wednesday, June 1

God of all people, I ask you to expose replacement theory and the insecurity, fear, racism and division that it sows. Lead me to celebrate people who are different than me and to nurture inclusion and unity.


Day 26: Thursday, June 2

Today I pray for prisoners who are separated from the rest of us because of war, because of criminal justice that is not functioning justly, or because of policies serving as barriers to migration. Fill them with hope and a path to freedom.

Day 27: Friday, June 3

Today I pray for just corporations. Lead them to prosperity through honesty instead of deception, and serving the common good instead of stakeholder interests alone. Reward corporations for decisions that place people over profit.

Day 28: Saturday, June 4

God of creation, I pray that my neighbors and I can be excellent stewards of our limited water supply. Help us to keep our water clean, available, and affordable for all. May water’s abundance prevent problems.


Option to Take Action:

Urge your Senators to provide Senate Cafeteria Workers with just wages and
health care. Visit:

Week Five


Day 29: Sunday, June 5

God of all, help us to speak out against racial injustice and systemic racism within our society and structures. May our actions include commitment for inclusive justice that respects the dignity of all persons.

Day 30: Monday, June 6

Today I pray for consolation of families who have lost children, parents, friends and loved ones to gun violence, racism and hate. May our frustration, anger, and broken hearts persuade us to demand strict gun laws.

Day 31: Tuesday, June 7

God of creation, we pray for the countries who are facing food shortages due to climate devastation and water scarcity. Guide political leaders to protect their people and take action against climate crisis.

Day 32: Wednesday, June 8

Today I pray for advocates working and empowering others who might not have a voice. Protect them and give them courage and hope as they work towards eradicating the injustices of our world.


Day 33: Thursday, June 9

God of justice, empower us to demand elected leaders fight childhood poverty in the wealthiest nation on Earth. Transform the hearts of decision makers to provide resources that address hunger, education, and environmental injustice.

Day 34: Friday, June 10

Today I pray for the asylum-seeking families who have been forcibly turned away, placing their lives in danger. May our Congressional leaders see migrants not as a threat but rather as our sisters and brothers fleeing persecution.


Day 35: Saturday, June 11

God of wisdom, I pray corporations track their supply chain to avoid including slave labor in their products. I pray for the freedom of those who are enslaved making the products I consume.


Option to Take Action:

Urge Congress to strengthen the Child Tax Credit. Visit:

Week Six

Day 36: Sunday, June 12

Today I pray for a renewed commitment to engage others in dialogue that leads to building a culture of nonviolence in our communities and nation. Lead me to stand and speak up on behalf of unity and reconciliation.

Day 37: Monday, June 13

God of hope, I pray for all children who have witnessed or suffered from gun violence, violent behavior, or death in their short lives. I pray they be comforted with Your healing love of hope and courage.


Day 38: Tuesday, June 14

Today I pray for the elimination of voter suppression laws and gerrymandering. Guide our national legislators to work


collaboratively to restore voting rights so that every eligible American can cast their ballot.

Day 39: Wednesday, June 15

Today I pray for DACA recipients who currently live with uncertainty and those who don’t have the protection of DACA or any other safeguard protecting them from being uprooted from the country they call home.


Day 40: Thursday, June 16

Forgiving God, I pray for all my brothers and sisters who suffer the consequences of my unintended waste that pollutes and degrades our common home. Guide me toward action and change to protect our shared environment.


Day 41: Friday, June 17

Inclusive God, I pray that world leaders and policy makers act with greater solidarity and compassion towards all migrants who have been displaced by the injustices of war, conflict and violence.


Day 42: Saturday, June 18

God of freedom, I pray for an end to mass incarceration in our nation that impacts mostly people of color. Guide me to empower others to take action that eradicates racism with innovative, just solutions.


Option to Take Action:

Urge Congress and the Biden Administration to welcome refugees. Visit:

Week Seven


Day 43: Sunday, June 19

God, You are our father. I ask for Your compassion to listen, Your wisdom to guide, and Your steadfast love to be available at all times. I pray for all fathers and father figures to be a reliable, loving presence for their families and beyond.

Day 44: Monday, June 20

JUNETEENTH - On this Monday when the U.S. commemorates Emancipation Day, I pray for my sisters and brothers who have been victims of slavery. Fill all of our hearts with reconciling hope and the will to stand up to racial injustice.

Day 45: Tuesday, June 21

As the summer season arrives in the north, I pray for our common home. Lead me to care for it with a long view to help generations to come. Along the way, protect us from extreme heat, drought, floods and the impacts they bring.

Day 46: Wednesday, June 22

Inclusive God, expel mythical fears of how I might be replaced by someone different from me. Fill the insecure space within me with Your grace and love of everyone. May my inclusive heart serve as an instrument of reconciliation.

Day 47: Thursday, June 23

Today I pray for a brilliant mind and a heart to match to assist people experiencing homelessness. Help me re-think my perceptions of what people deserve. Grow my ideas, resources and relationships to provide shelter for all.

Day 48: Friday, June 24

God of peace, guide society to common sense gun laws that keep weapons away from people who want to destroy. Inspire legislators to reject companies that profit from tools of death. Intervene with the armed and angry before they act.

Day 49: Saturday, June 25

God of abundant love, when it feels there is a crisis in every corner, may Your loving presence overwhelm us. Show us how to unite to overcome polarized politics, protect people from violence, and equitably assist the under-resourced.

Option to Take Action: 

Learn more about ongoing efforts towards reparations. Visit:

Week Eight

Day 50: Sunday, June 26

God of peace, I ask that You provide safe passage for those migrating to escape degradation, famine, poverty and violence. May these migrants be welcomed like cherished family members while their homelands are restored.

Day 51: Monday, June 27

Today I pray that common sense gun laws may prevail so that people intent on violence may not find a deadly weapon to express themselves. May Your love flow through me to those whose pain poses a danger to themselves and others.

Day 52: Tuesday, June 28

God of creation, enable me to see a big picture of our shared environment over an extended time period so it may guide my actions from this day forward. Lead me to consume less and protect shared resources for future generations.


Day 53: Wednesday, June 29

Today I pray that housing may become a human right. Remove roadblocks that slow the creation of affordable housing, while protecting our environment and labor force. Guide me to a solution that restores people in their own home.

Day 54: Thursday, June 30

God of inclusion, let my voice be heard by my elected representatives so that institutional racism, and other repression like inequitable obstacles to voting, may be dismantled.

Day 55: Friday, July 1

Today I pray for the safety of hidden victims controlled by others and denied freedom. Provide hope to those who are trafficked or held prisoner by domestic violence. Let perpetrators’ actions be seen and dealt with justly.

Day 56: Saturday, July 2

God of grace, guide to me stand for justice, affirmed by compassion, equity and fairness. Help me to advocate with an articulate yet plain-spoken manner that is relatable and unifying rather than threatening. May it change many hearts.

Option to Take Action:

Urge Congress to act on gun violence. Visit:

Week Nine


Day 57: Sunday, July 3

Today I pray for those in our country who arrived here when they were children, grew up in this culture, and know it as their own. Provide a path forward for DACA recipients and others.

Day 58: Monday, July 4

INDEPENDENCE DAY (U.S.) - God of hope, renew those who seek unity in the U.S. with compassion and service to the common good. May divisiveness serving avarice and power find no footing. Guide us to a more perfect union.

Day 59: Tuesday, July 5

God of life, lead us to expand the conditions under which all life can flourish. Help us provide access to quality healthcare, pre-natal resources and family leave, a living wage and economic policies that support families.

Day 60: Wednesday, July 6

God of life, lead us to continue to expand the conditions under which all life can flourish. Help us with access to democratic processes, outreach to the vulnerable and excluded, welcome immigrants and refugees and end racism.

Day 61: Thursday, July 7

Today I pray to be a public witness throughout the summer, drawing attention to the plight of migrants and refugees. Enable us to hear their stories with compassion that kindles political will to help sisters and brothers in need.

Day 62: Friday, July 8

God of life, as we strive to radially transform our communities to create conditions under which all life can flourish. Help us advocate for peace and restorative justice, and care for our common home.


Day 63: Saturday, July 9

Today I pray for protection from extreme weather that costs us dearly in life and property each year. May I see these “acts of God” as “acts of people” who influence our environment. Let me take steps now to ease our annual suffering.

Option to Take Action:

Urge President Biden to establish a Reparations Commission. Visit:

Week Ten

Day 64: Sunday, July 10

God of all, give us the courage and conviction to respond actively to end gun violence in our communities. May our voices be raised asking our legislators to enact gun laws to protect all in our society.

Day 65: Monday, July 11

Today I pray for peace in our world. Bring a quick end to the wars that divide our brothers and sisters from all nations. We pray for a commitment to human rights and the protection of all lives.

Day 66: Tuesday, July 12

God of hope, inspire us to offer welcome to immigrants far from their homelands and value the variety of cultures, customs, and languages. Give us understanding hearts to celebrate our differences, respect and love each other.


Day 67: Wednesday, July 13

Today I pray for all women. Protect them from social, economic, and political injuries. May we find ways to create communities where the dignity of women is protected and honored.

Day 68: Thursday, July 14

God of creation, make us mindful of our impact on the planet and on the well-being of our brothers and sisters around the world. May we grow in our commitment to protect our planet.

Day 69: Friday, July 15

Today I pray for our brothers and sisters who suffer injustices. Help us renew our commitment to the common good so that no one will lack food, shelter, safety, or employment.

Day 70: Saturday, July 16

God of mercy, give policymakers in every nation and community the wisdom and courage to adopt laws and practices that benefit all people fairly.

Option to Take Action:

Tell the Senate to pass the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act, Visit

Week Eleven


Day 71: Sunday, July 17

Today I pray for vulnerable immigrants and refugees who are detained and unable to post their bail bond. Give me the wisdom and strength to empower them to action, hope and resilience.

Day 72: Monday, July 18

God of mercy, I pray for people of color who are incarcerated and unjustly detained before their trial. Lead me to confront racism that oppresses and ignores their civil rights.

Day 73: Tuesday, July 19

Today I pray the current Administration make amends and addresses an end to economic and employment inequality, the unjust healthcare system, housing segregation, and state-sanctioned police violence.

Day 74: Wednesday, July 20

Just God, I pray for an end to white supremacy that leads to mass incarceration of our Black and Brown communities, and an end to the racism they experience on daily basis through disproportionate arrests and convictions.

Day 75: Thursday, July 21

Today I pray for women, especially women of color, held in local jails who have experienced sexual violence, face serious medical issues, and tend to be primary caregivers to minor children.

Day 76: Friday, July 22

Creator God, I pray that governments and transnational corporations end treating water as a mere commodity and understand that it is a much-needed source of life for all creation.

Day 77: Saturday, July 23

God of peace, I pray for the protection of our forests and homes from wildfires - a result of the current climate crisis. Keep us safe and empower us to protect Your creation.

Option to Take Action:

Urge President Biden to establish a Reparations Commission by Executive Order. Visit

Week Twelve

Day 78: Sunday, July 24

Today I pray for safety from extreme heat waves. Protect people who do not have options to simply go somewhere else where it is cooler. I also pray for community cooperation in the long term struggle against a changing climate.

Day 79: Monday, July 25

God of healing, restore all people who have become ill with COVID variants. Enable all who are sick to receive needed care, protecting their income and work as they recover. Uplift caregivers who tirelessly serve those in need.

Day 80: Tuesday, July 26

Today I pray for the just use of the Colorado River supplying the U.S. Southwest with life-giving water. May the river be cared for and shared fairly among states, Native Americans and the people of Mexico who all rely on it.


Day 81: Wednesday, July 27

God of all, lead me to speak up when I encounter instances of racism in social settings or in institutions relied upon to help society function. Help me contribute to an equitable environment for people of all ethnicities and races.

Day 82: Thursday, July 28

Today I pray for inflation and runaway prices to settle down to levels seen before the pandemic. Guide our legistlators and businesses to deliver living wages to all workers, and may those wages be enough to afford life’s necessities

Day 83: Friday, July 29

Creator God, I pray for a consistent ethic of life that includes access to quality healthcare including prenatal resources, family leave, a living wage and economic policies that support families.

Day 84: Saturday, July 30

God of justice, I pray for the fair treatment of all people charged with crimes and their ability to navigate the pretrial process. Let justice be based on truth rather than influenced by money and means.


Option to Take Action:

Urge Congress to restore asylum now. Visit

Week Thirteen


Day 85: Sunday, July 31

Today I pray for my brothers and sisters who must fight to be housed, whether they are on the street or sacrificing other needs to make the rent payment. Open paths for affordable housing for all in need.

Day 86: Monday, August 1

God of all, forgive me and my ancestors for abuses against indigenous peoples and any of my sisters and brothers who were subjected or mistreated due to ignorance, greed or power. Show me how to restore right relationships.

Day 87: Tuesday, August 2

Today I pray to keep monkeypox, COVID, and all health threats at bay. Empower medical professionals to have the resources they need, and clear obstacles to health care for my sisters and brothers.

Day 88: Wednesday, August 3

God of creation, lead me to choices to alleviate climate disasters in the long and short term. Help me reverse causes of heat islands, flooding and pollution. Multiply these efforts in millions of people to protect our common home.

Day 89: Thursday, August 4

Today I pray for equitable voting practices that allow people to be heard and represented for the common good. Weaken the influence of big lobbies so that decisions can be made to benefit people who struggle to meet essential needs.

Day 90: Friday, August 5

Holy Spirit, watch over those fleeing their homelands so that they may be safe and find opportunity to care for their family. Inspire all branches of government to recognize the need and to care for people on the move.


Day 91: Saturday, August 6

God of peace, guide us to use our creative gifts for diplomacy and peacemaking rather than finding innovative ways to destroy through declared or covert war.


Option to Take Action:

Urge the EPA to approve the waivers requested by California for its truck emission regulations to help us all breathe easier. Visit

Week Fourteen

Day 92: Sunday, August 7

Today I pray for courage as I seek to find ways for our nation to be a haven for the tired, the poor and huddled masses yearning to be respected, free and live in peace.

Day 93: Monday, August 8

Gracious God, You granted humankind the wisdom and responsibility to care for all life. Guide our leaders to prioritize building a community of unity and respect ahead of destructive military power.

Day 94: Tuesday, August 9

Today I pray for unaccompanied minors detained throughout our nation who are in search of freedom and safety. May You embrace them with love and hope.


Day 95: Wednesday, August 10

Merciful God, I pray for my impoverished brothers and sisters around the world who suffer from hunger and thirst. Enlighten all leaders to work together to provide them with support and sustenance.


Day 96: Thursday, August 11

Today I pray for respect of all peoples, their traditions, and culture. Lead me to be open and welcome to diversity in this nation where there is much need of compassion, solidarity and understanding.


Day 97: Friday, August 12

God of love, transform my heart and mind to acknowledge and cherish nature. May I be aware of daily practices that do away with using single use plastic endangering Your creation.


Day 98: Saturday, August 13

God of grace, I pray for an end to exploitation, abuse and violence against women, men and children. Fill me with the courage to stand in solidarity and speak up against the violation of human rights.


Option to Take Action:

Take action to stop the persecution of civilians in Tunisia. Visit

Week Fifteen


Day 99: Sunday, August 14

God of healing, we pray for our brothers and sisters who are sick with viruses, that they may receive quality medical care that will restore their health and strength.

Day 100: Monday, August 15

Today I pray for an end to the war in Ukraine. May seeds of peace be planted in the hearts of decision makers and may they choose wise actions that will put an end to the war.

Option to Take Action:

Tell the Biden Administration to Act on Behalf of Immigrant Youth. Visit

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