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Image by Karl Fredrickson

Series 11
- May-August 2021 -

Week One


Day 1: Sunday, May 9

MOTHERS DAY ~ Faithful God, I pray that all mothers know that they are loved and cherished. Instill in them the satisfaction of realizing their goal to love, protect, and guide their loved ones.

Day 2: Monday, May 10

Today I pray for our nation. May we see ourselves as an inclusive community where everyone is welcome, respected, and valued.

Day 3: Tuesday, May 11

God of understanding, help me to see from the other person’s point of view and be open to others’ opinions. I pray You guide me in my quest to live by Your example.

Day 4: Wednesday, May 12

Today I pray for migrants who find themselves at the crossroads of uncertainty, anguish, and fighting for survival. May You guide and protect them and provide them with hope.

Day 5: Thursday, May 13

Giving God, I pray that I express humility and kindness without reservation to all whose paths I cross. May my heart remain open and compassionate.

Day 6: Friday, May 14

Today I pray for all essential workers who risk their lives providing the vital services that sustain our economy and how I live. May they be recognized, valued, and supported with a living wage and affordable housing.


Day 7: Saturday, May 15

Loving God, thank You for the blessings You have given me. I pray that I may use my gifts to contribute to the wellbeing of others as I continue to find ways to care for the earth.

Option to Take Action:

Take action to reduce your carbon footprint by choosing plant-based protein over animal meat more often:

Week Two

Day 8: Sunday, May 16

Gracious  God, I pray to rid this nation of hate and racism that oppresses people of all colors and leads to the murder of many innocent brothers and sisters. 

Day 9: Monday, May 17

Today I pray for the victims of hate crimes and their families, including our Asian American and Pacific Islander neighbors who experience fear, assault, and violence simply because of how they look.

Day 10: Tuesday, May 18

Almighty God, I thank you for the plants, animals, food, water, and air I breathe. Lead me to care for Your creation and to not only depend on others to safeguard it.


Day 11: Wednesday, May 19

Today I pray for unity and reconciliation in our nation. I pray for the wisdom to look beyond partisan politics and work towards an inclusive democracy that can lead to the common good.

Day 12: Thursday, May 20

Peaceful God, help me to recognize that I enjoy comfort and privilege that others do not have. Move me from complicit inaction to action that ends cultures of systemic racism that oppress our Black neighbors.


Day 13: Friday, May 21

Today I pray for all struggling to find and maintain shelter because of low wages and expensive housing costs. Influence lawmakers and communities to prioritize living wages and affordable housing as the human rights they are.

Day 14: Saturday, May 22

Gracious God, I pray for the children who are in detention centers and in large venues, separated from their families and fearful of the unknown.


Option to Take Action

Take action against racism:  

Week Three


Day 15: Sunday, May 23

Just God, I pray for the fortitude to speak against injustice and to take action to protect the dear neighbor. Give me the grace to be an influencer for unity at work, at home, and in my community.

Day 16: Monday, May 24

Today I pray for a change of heart in relation to the Earth and all its creatures. Inspire us to ecological conversions that serve all who share in the environment You have gifted to us.

Day 17: Tuesday, May 25

God of all creation, I pray for children who are separated from their parents, who are placed with foster families, who long for adoptive parents, and who suffer abuse and neglect. Guide them to homes where they are loved and safe.

Day 18: Wednesday, May 26

Today I pray for the owners and employees of small businesses. Fill them with strength and creative energy as they navigate these challenging times and strive to resume normal operations.

Day 19: Thursday, May 27

Loving God, I pray for all who feel lonely and abandoned. Please help them to feel Your presence, to find the resources that they need, and to build relationships to support them in the coming days.

Day 20: Friday, May 28

Today I pray for a peaceful resolution of conflict in and near Israel. Restore calm and reverse the escalation in fighting, destruction, and death. Guide all parties to peaceful and just solutions.

Day 21: Saturday, May 29

Faithful God, we count our blessings of emerging from this devastating pandemic. Let us remember those who have suffered. Empower me to assist and advocate for nations still in need of help.

Option to Take Action:

Urge President Biden to redesignate Temporary Protection Status (TPS) for Haitian immigrants:

Week Four

Day 22: Sunday, May 30

Gracious God, I pray for those whose thoughtless words and actions cause pain to those around them. Help us all to be considerate in the ways we communicate with and behave to others.

Day 23: Monday, May 31

MEMORIAL DAY ~ Today I pray for the souls of all who gave their lives in defense of our country, and I give thanks for those who sacrifice so much to preserve our peace and safety.

Day 24: Tuesday, June 1

God of justice, I pray for George Floyd and those who have been killed by police violence. Guide us in the path of condemning racism and help us journey towards the day when we can accept and respect one another.


Day 25: Wednesday, June 2

Today I pray for my elderly brothers and sisters who are striving to enjoy normal daily life. Give them strength, hope, and resilience as they resume favorite activities and adjust to the new normal.

Day 26: Thursday, June 3

Faithful Lord, I pray that all recent graduates will face the future with hope and confidence, and that all they have learned and experienced will aid them in making our world a better place for all who inhabit it.


Day 27: Friday, June 4

Today I pray for the refreshment of spirit for all who feel weary, downtrodden, and disheartened. Fan their faint flicker of hope into a flame of confidence in Your eternal love.


Day 28: Saturday, June 5

God of glory, I give You thanks for the gifts You have showered upon me. I ask for Your guidance in using those gifts to do Your will.


Option to Take Action:

Take action to end childhood hunger. Click or copy:

Week Five


Day 29: Sunday, June 6

God of peace, I pray for an end to restrictive voting laws implemented across the nation. Guide me to speak against measures that attempt to disregard people’s right to vote.

Day 30: Monday, June 7

Today I pray for the families whose international right to seek asylum is denied through Title 42. May asylum seekers be given the opportunity to present their asylum claim.

Day 31: Tuesday, June 8

God of creation, I pray that in my daily consumption choices, I consider the cry of the poor who face the dire consequences of the climate crisis.

Day 32: Wednesday, June 9

Today I pray for unity and reconciliation in our homes and communities. Lead me to make a difference today through mindful actions and peaceful words.

Day 33: Thursday, June 10

Compassionate God, I pray for the victims of gun violence and their loved ones. Steer the hearts of legislators and guide their thinking so they will pass sensible gun legislation to protect people.

Day 34: Friday, June 11

Today I pray for the health of all essential workers who carry the burden of staying healthy and safe. May we recognize that immigrant workers are also essential workers.


Day 35: Saturday, June 12

Healing God, I pray for an end to systemic racism and racial violence against our Asian American and Pacific Islander brothers and sisters.

Option to Take Action:

Urge President Biden to end Title 42, which denies asylum seekers their legal right to present their asylum claim:

Week Six

Day 36: Sunday, June 13

God of all nations, I pray that You will open my eyes, and the eyes of all, so we may see each other as brothers and sisters, rather than “the other,” “the problem,” or “the undeserving.”

Day 37: Monday, June 14

Today I pray for the women religious who are giving their time and energy to serve our brothers and sisters languishing at the southern border of the United States. May their presence shine a light on this human rights debacle.

Day 38: Tuesday, June 15

God of hope, I pray that as our nation and our world continue to recover from the pandemic, we will be able to resume healthy, joyful relationships with those from whom we have been separated.


Day 39: Wednesday, June 16

Today I pray for our elected officials. Guide them to make decisions that will serve all people, whatever their past, their current challenges, or their stage of life.

Day 40: Thursday, June 17

God of strength, I pray for the young people who have ended their school year. May they find peace and refreshment during their summer break, and prepare for a new academic year filled with promise.


Day 41: Friday, June 18

Today I pray for those who have relied upon financial assistance provided during the pandemic. Help them find the services they need as these federal and state programs come to an end.

Day 42: Saturday, June 19

God of compassion, on this day of freedom, help us recognize the unique gifts shared in the diversity of our people. Enable us to tear down barriers that separate us and to build bridges that unite people of all colors, ethnicities and traditions.

Option to Take Action

Call members of Congress and tell them to include essential workers/undocumented workers in the jobs/ infrastructure package and budget reconciliation process. Undocumented workers functioning as essential workers have kept our economy going during the pandemic. Call 1-855-999-8503.

Week Seven


Day 43: Sunday, June 20

WORLD REFUGEE DAY ~ God, guide those who flee famine, poverty, war, and more to seek safe harbor in another nation. Keep them safe. Fill their hearts with hope. Today, we also pray for wisdom and refreshment for all fathers.

Day 44: Monday, June 21

Founder of all creation, I celebrate the beauty of the summer season. I give thanks for longer days and warm nights, for vegetable gardens and flower gardens, for playful children and time to relax.

Day 45: Tuesday, June 22

God of comfort, I pray for workers who are adjusting to post-pandemic protocols in the workplace. Fill them with patience and help them to cooperate with each other as they navigate “the new normal.”

Day 46: Wednesday, June 23

Today I pray for graduates who are seeking employment that will challenge them, help them grow, and support them as they establish their own households.

Day 47: Thursday, June 24

Creator Lord, I pray that all may view the dear neighbor with Your eyes, seeing only their unique gifts and their inherent dignity as a child of God.

Day 48: Friday, June 25

Today I pray for the healing of families everywhere. May they forgive each other, support each other, and love each other unfailingly as they move together to meet the challenges life presents.

Day 49: Saturday, June 26

Today I pray for all those taking part in the Faith Fast for Freedom. May their devotion shine a light on our nation’s moral obligation to fully and finally include our immigrant neighbors as part of our communities.


Option to Take Action

Tell Congress to ensure the upcoming recovery package includes a roadmap to citizenship for all undocumented immigrants:

Week Eight

Day 50: Sunday, June 27

God of justice, I pray for essential workers in agriculture, construction, healthcare, food services, childcare, service, and other industries who keep the economy going and anguish over their future in the United States.

Day 51: Monday, June 28

Compassionate God, You call us to acknowledge the poor and value their dignity. Lead our legislators towards bipartisanship to enact laws that protect those they serve with dignity and respect.

Day 52: Tuesday, June 29

God of unity, I pray for the wisdom to become a bridge builder. Guide me to find ways to serve as a unifying presence to those I meet.


Day 53: Wednesday, June 30

Today I pray for the Indigenous Peoples throughout the world who struggle to survive in an antagonistic socio-political environment that disregards their rights and threatens their lives.

Day 54: Thursday, July 1

God of creation, may I continue to find ways to respect nature, animals, and the finite resources You have given to us to protect. May I learn to protect Your beautiful creation and not dominate or harm it.


Day 55: Friday, July 2

Today I pray for the women religious who have responded to the call to love the dear neighbor by serving our migrant brothers and sisters seeking safety and protection at the US border.

Day 56: Saturday, July 3

Gentle God, today I pray that voting rights may be restored across our nation so that everyone can have the opportunity to engage in the political process and make their voice heard.


Option to Take Action:

Tell Congress to take bold action to protect our oceans and coastal communities:

Week Nine


Day 57: Sunday, July 4

INDEPENDENCE DAY ~ Gracious God, I give thanks for the freedoms and opportunities built into the framework of our nation, and I pray that those freedoms and opportunities will be enjoyed by all.

Day 58: Monday, July 5

I pray for diplomatic dialogue between Iraq and U.S. leaders that can lead to opportunities for negotiation. Fill our world leaders with Your peace so they may find nonviolent resolutions.

Day 59: Tuesday, July 6

God of hope, I pray for the victims of the building collapse in Surfside, Florida, and their families. Strengthen and guide the rescue crews who continue to risk their own safety sifting through the rubble to find those who are missing.

Day 60: Wednesday, July 7

Today I pray for the healing and rebuilding of global communities torn apart by violence. Inspire me to work with others to create a peaceful world.

Day 61: Thursday, July 8

Compassionate God, I pray for humane immigration laws that provide an opportunity for citizenship for our immigrant brothers and sisters who have been working and sustaining our economy.

Day 62: Friday, July 9

Today I pray that our government leaders will work together towards a fair democracy that is inclusive and promotes the common good for all.

Day 63: Saturday, July 10

Healing God, I pray for essential workers who are struggling to sustain their families during these trying times. Give them hope and courage to as they find ways to provide for their loved ones.

Option to Take Action:

President Biden’s budget prioritizes climate action. Send a letter to your elected representatives to urge their support. Click or copy:

Week Ten

Day 64: Sunday, July 11

God of mercy, I pray for the people of Haiti in this time of turmoil. May new leadership calm the unrest and guide the nation into paths of peace.

Day 65: Monday, July 12

Today I pray for bipartisan cooperation among our elected leaders. Help them to develop solutions to provide opportunities and support to all our people.

Day 66: Tuesday, July 13

Healing God, protect all those still vulnerable to spreading variants of COVID-19. Clear the way for vaccines to arrive where they are most needed. Show us where assistance is most needed.


Day 67: Wednesday, July 14

Today I pray for continued steps toward compromise and immigration reform that addresses humanitarian needs at the U.S. southern border. Open legislators’ eyes to the God-given dignity of each person.


Day 68: Thursday, July 15

All-giving God, today I give thanks for the family, friends, and colleagues who surround me. Show me how to open my heart to those who are lacking a support system of their own.

Day 69: Friday, July 16

Today I pray for the people of Afghanistan. As foreign militaries leave, we ask for Your presence to fill the nation with peace and freedom from oppression.

Day 70: Saturday, July 17

Ever-loving God, instill in me the aspiration to change my lifestyle so I can promote a more sustainable planet for all of us to enjoy and protect.

Option to Take Action:

Urge President Biden to protect asylum seekers by ending Title 42. Click or copy:

Week Eleven


Day 71: Sunday, July 18

God of creation, guide us in our lifestyles to better care for the planet by reducing waste and preventing CO2 build up. While we change, ease the results of super storms and wildfires.

Day 72: Monday, July 19

Today I pray that people treated unjustly because of the way they look may receive equitable treatment in our society. Help us recognize each another as brothers and sisters.

Day 73: Tuesday, July 20

God of all, grant us wisdom and humility to overcome partisan division. Let us find compromise in our communities rather than moving away to avoid discussion on issues.

Day 74: Wednesday, July 21

Today I pray for the immigrants and refugees who are praying to be welcomed into the United States. Fill their hearts with hope, and guide our elected officials to create a real solution to our immigration system.

Day 75: Thursday, July 22

Provider God, guide legislators and locals to cooperate on affordable housing that provides stability and hope. Help us collectively solve addiction and mental health problems that lead to homelessness.

Day 76: Friday, July 23

Today I pray for the athletes competing in the 2020 Olympics, opening today one year late. May their sportsmanship and level of endeavor inspire us all, and encourage unity all around the world.

Day 77: Saturday, July 24

God of peace, I pray for all the nations in our world who are facing war, violence, and civil unrest. Protect the people and guide the leaders to create solutions that will build peace and prosperity.

Option to Take Action:

Urge Congress to prioritize the environment and the vulnerable in the Infrastructure Plan:

Week Twelve

Day 78: Sunday, July 25

God of love, I pray for our brothers and sisters whose lives are impacted by decisions that influence the availability of food pantries, shelters, and resource centers. May they receive the resources they need.

Day 79: Monday, July 26

Today I pray for the dear neighbor who is suppressed by systemic racism. Guide elected officials to make just decisions and pass inclusive laws that allow us all to exercise our civic rights.

Day 80: Tuesday, July 27

All-knowing God, I pray for our fragile earth that is threatened by climate crisis. Guide me to take into consideration the impact my daily practices will have on future generations.


Day 81: Wednesday, July 28

Today I pray for the vulnerable families who are confronted with hunger and insecurity. Lead government leaders to acknowledge the need to create structures that aid them.

Day 82: Thursday, July 29

God of compassion, today I pray for the humility to acknowledge my part in disregarding the least among us. Lead me to do my part to welcome the dear neighbor.

Day 83: Friday, July 30

Today I pray for the vulnerable people threatened by the ongoing COVID surge. May we all work together to maintain safe practices that protect the entire community.

Day 84: Saturday, July 31

Gentle God, I pray I treat everyone I meet with dignity and respect. Grant me the gift of listening compassionately and without judgement to those with whom I engage.

Option to Take Action:

Help provide a voice to the voiceless! Take action to enact automatic voter registration nationwide:

Week Thirteen


Day 85: Sunday, August 1

Creator God, open our eyes to the decades-long development of climate change and its effect on us. Lead us to countless little (and big) ways that can reverse our destructive trends and habits.

Day 86: Monday, August 2

Today I pray for the millions of lives lost to COVID-19. Inspire leaders in vaccine-producing nations with an urgency to increase production and share with vulnerable countries to end the pandemic.

Day 87: Tuesday, August 3

God of love, guide us past our partisan differences that break us into sub-groups and make us unable to talk with one another. Fill me with encouragement that I may draw sisters and brothers together.

Day 88: Wednesday, August 4

Today I pray for DACA recipients who face anguish and uncertainty. Lead lawmakers to create a legislative solution for the millions of undocumented immigrants in the U.S.

Day 89: Thursday, August 5

Unifying God, today I pray for Your presence in finding mutual topics for dialogue and collaboration among nations. Protect the vulnerable people who suffer the consequences of inaction.

Day 90: Friday, August 6

Today I pray for all regions experiencing drought, wildfires and floods. Protect those in danger. Fill us with resolve to restore Your Earth and aid those suffering from the climate changes to which we have contributed.


Day 91: Saturday, August 7

God of justice, I pray for an end to policies and practices that suppress voters’ ability to participate fully in our democracy. Instill all legislators to protect the right to vote.

Option to Take Action:

Help advocate for a democracy that values the voices of all people by signing this petition:

Week Fourteen

Day 92: Sunday, August 8

Glorious God, I give thanks for the beautiful opportunity Olympics 2020 have given us to revel in stellar athletic endeavor, good sportsmanship, and unity among people from every corner of the world.

Day 93: Monday, August 9

Today I pray for the people whose perspectives I find difficult to understand. I pray for an open heart, and the willingness to listen to other points of view.

Day 94: Tuesday, August 10

Loving God, help families to stay united despite misunderstandings, hurt feelings, and differences of opinion. May Your love inspire us to love each other without reservations or conditions.


Day 95: Wednesday, August 11

Today I pray for healthcare providers who are challenged to care for patients with new variants of COVID. Keep them safe and healthy as they work tirelessly to stop the virus and restore the people in their care.

Day 96: Thursday, August 12

Merciful God, I pray for all those who are vulnerable to wildfire, hurricane, flood, and other disasters. Help me look for opportunities to support those impacted by these devastating events.

Day 97: Friday, August 13

Today I pray for young people striving to discern their calling. Open their hearts and minds to see the opportunities before them.

Day 98: Saturday, August 14

Generous God, help me to love the dear neighbor at every opportunity, without counting the time spent, the financial cost, or the moments of frustration. Make me an instrument of your love.

Option to Take Action:

Call your Senators to urge support for Dreamers, Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders, farm workers, and essential workers in the recovery package:

Week Fifteen


Day 99: Sunday, August 15

All-knowing God, today I pray for the wisdom to understand that small actions can cause big changes. Help me to take steps small and large to ensure our world can sustain us all.

Day 100: Monday, August 16

Today I pray for essential workers, who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic, and are now facing COVID variants. May they stay safe and healthy as they continue to help us all.

Option to Take Action:

Urge your Senators to keep a clean pathway to citizenship for DACA recipients, TPS holders, essential workers, farmworkers and their families on the budget resolution:

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