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Image by Karl Fredrickson

Series 10
- January-April 2021 -

Week One


Day 1: Wednesday, January 20

God of hope, I pray for our nation and for all who live and serve here. Bring us together as we work for peace and unity. Guide the new administration in making wise decisions for the betterment of all.

Day 2: Thursday, January 21

Today I pray for peace in our world and in our nation. Please calm those who are filled with wrath. Remind us that we are all Your children. Show us how to create a path to true brotherhood and sisterhood.

Day 3: Friday, January 22

God of unity, help us all to communicate with each other, rather than striking out at each other. Give me a generous spirit to listen to those who disagree with me. Help me keep an open heart to understand others’ perspectives.

Day 4: Saturday, January 23

Today I pray for silence where I can pray and discern Your will. Help me to turn away from news and media that incite anger and foster divisiveness.

Option to Take Action:

Take action to support an overhaul of voting, elections, and money-in-politics, to rebuild and heal our nation:

Week Two

Day 5: Sunday, January 24

God of hope, I greet this day as a fresh start. Help me to build new habits that make it easier for me to love the dear neighbor and fill my community with peace.

Day 6: Monday, January 25

Today I pray for my brothers and sisters searching for a safe haven where their families can build a life of peace and safety. Be with them as they flee war, disaster, famine, and poverty. Aid them as they seek welcome.

Day 7: Tuesday, January 26

Merciful God, I pray that Your love will touch the hearts of those who suffer imprisonment and detention. Give them hope as they yearn for freedom.


Day 8: Wednesday, January 27

Today I pray for all those trapped by modern-day slavery. Guide me so I may clearly see the signs of human trafficking, and take action if I suspect someone is being trafficked. Help all who suffer to heal and find peace.


Day 9: Thursday, January 28

Gracious God, accompany educators as they navigate the challenges of teaching our young people amid the pandemic. Give them patience, perseverance, and hope.


Day 10: Friday, January 29

Today I pray for all my brothers and sisters whom I have wounded through ignorance, careless words, obliviousness, and discrimination. Help me to see the dear neighbor clearly and to interact lovingly with others.


Day 11: Saturday, January 30

God of all creation, guide me to make wiser purchasing decisions, and to learn how my choices impact the world around me. Open my eyes to opportunities to protect our world, the dear neighbor, and the creatures around us.


Option to Take Action

Take action to urge President Biden to be the leader in the fight to end the plastic pollution crisis:

Week Three


Day 12: Sunday, January 31

Unifying God, I pray You embrace us with Your healing love as we find ways to engage in respectful dialogue and civil discourse in our nation.

Day 13: Monday, February 1

Today I pray that our elected officials will take action for environmental justice in communities where our marginalized brothers and sisters struggle to live a healthy life.

Day 14: Tuesday, February 2

Compassionate God, I pray for our migrant brothers and sisters who face so much uncertainty as they travel to a safe place they can call home, or who are at a standstill with no one to offer encouragement or support.

Day 15: Wednesday, February 3

Today I pray for all who experience homelessness. May I respect their dignity by acknowledging them when I encounter them on the street.

Day 16: Thursday, February 4

God of Mercy, bless all caregivers and provide them with peace and physical health as they desperately struggle to save those who are in danger of dying from COVID.

Day 17: Friday, February 5

Today I pray for all who are discriminated against and those who fall through the cracks because of the color of their skin or the language they speak. Point me in the right direction to make a difference in their lives.


Day 18: Saturday, February 6

All-powerful God, direct our government leaders and legislators to make decisions that protect life rather than destroy it, that preserve nature rather than prey on it. Guide me to be a steward of this earth--my only home.

Option to Take Action:

During this week, how will I seek peace for and reconciliation with my dear neighbor?

Week Four

Day 19: Sunday, February 7

Loving God, I pray for my brothers and sisters who pray and/ or work daily for a better life for those around them.

Day 20: Monday, February 8

Today I pray for the victims of labor and sex trafficking in our nation and across the world. May they be liberated and find help that provides them with hope and encouragement.

Day 21: Tuesday, February 9

Merciful God, I pray for the children who have been forcibly separated from their parents by inhumane immigration policies. May they be reunited and may You surround them with Your love.


Day 22: Wednesday, February 10

Today I pray for essential workers who cannot afford to miss work and are at risk of contracting COVID-19. May government leaders prioritize the vaccination of these brave people.

Day 23: Thursday, February 11

God of justice, guide world leaders so they respond with urgency and fairness to the global pandemic and the growing economic inequality impacting our most vulnerable brothers and sisters.

Day 24: Friday, February 12

Today I pray for all who are experiencing food insecurity. May government and community leaders see the ongoing need to assist families who are vulnerable to hunger. 

Day 25: Saturday, February 13

Inclusive God, I pray for unifying dialogue among Catholic leaders. May they address issues that unify the Catholic community, rather than focus on single-issue discussions that may foster divisiveness.

Option to Take Action

During this week, how will I intentionally help someone vulnerable to hunger obtain the food they need?

Week Five


Day 26: Sunday, February 14

VALENTINE’S DAY ~ Loving God, help me to show the people I care about how much I care, in both word and deed. Aid me in treasuring them for the gifts they are in my life, and not to take them for granted.

Day 27: Monday, February 15

PRESIDENTS DAY ~ Today I give thanks for all the leaders who have helped shape our nation, and I pray for all the leaders yet to come. May their leadership make our country a nation of peace and welcome.

Day 28: Tuesday, February 16

God of all holiness, today I pray for our religious leaders who have worked so hard to serve their congregations during this pandemic. May they see the fruits of their labor in the unity and strength of their communities.

Day 29: Wednesday, February 17

Today I pray in thanksgiving for the scientists who helped develop COVID vaccines, and all those who have facilitated their development and distribution.

Day 30: Thursday, February 18

All-knowing and all-merciful God, please take the scales from my eyes so I can see clearly my dear neighbor’s perspective, rather than assuming that my own point of view must be the best or most correct.


Day 31: Friday, February 19

Today I pray for children in children’s homes, in foster care, and on the streets. May they each be united with a family to love and care for them, and allow them to be innocent, joyful children.


Day 32: Saturday, February 20

God of hearth and home, I pray for parents who struggle to home-school their children, earn a living to support their households, and keep their families safe. Give them strength and resilience during this challenging time.


Option to Take Action:

Urge Congress to pass additional COVID-19 relief to ensure that no one is left behind:

Week Six

Day 33: Sunday, February 21

God of hope, I pray for all those who are under- and un-employed. Guide them in their search for work that will provide sustenance for themselves and their families.

Day 34: Monday, February 22

Today I pray for my elderly brothers and sisters who suffer from isolation and pandemic fear. I pray that, with the vaccine, they may resume their healthy habits and loving relationships.

Day 35: Tuesday, February 23

God of all holiness, I pray for the members of my faith community. I pray that our sense of unity will only be strengthened by the challenges of the pandemic.


Day 36: Wednesday, February 24

Today I pray for young couples who are striving to make plans for their lives together. May the challenges they face draw them closer together in loving union.

Day 37: Thursday, February 25

Merciful God, I pray for strength to maintain a prayerful Lenten practice that gives me clearer sight to see Your will in my life.

Day 38: Friday, February 26

Today I pray for my most vulnerable brothers and sisters. May they be safe from the harm our society allows others to perpetuate against them. May we never forget the inherent dignity of every human being.


Day 39: Saturday, February 27

God of all creation, I pray for my brothers and sisters who are experiencing homelessness. Help them find shelter and stay safe during the cold winter nights.


Option to Take Action:

Take action to stop new oil and gas exports to protect public health and avert the worst impacts of climate change:

Week Seven


Day 40: Sunday, February 28

All-knowing God, accompany our elected officials as they strive to make decisions related to the pandemic. Guide them to craft legislation and create programs that will benefit those who most need help.

Day 41: Monday, March 1

Today I pray for the grace of hope for all who hover near despair. Help them to feel Your loving presence in their lives, to be grateful for Your many gifts, and to take the steps they can to move into a better situation.

Day 42: Tuesday, March 2

Lord of sea and land and air, help me to make wise decisions to lessen my negative impact upon Your creation. Allow me to provide a good example of stewardship to the other people in my life.

Day 43: Wednesday, March 3

Today I pray for those who are striving to launch a new business in these challenging times. Grant them the creative energy they need to develop strategic plans.

Day 44: Thursday, March 4

All-powerful God, give strength to patients whose health conditions separate them from their loved ones. Fill their hearts with hope for better times, and with persistence as they follow their protocols for healing.


Day 45: Friday, March 5

Today I pray for the dear neighbor who has suffered from institutional racism. Help us all to move past the color of the skin, and to see our brothers and sisters for who they truly are: Your dearly beloved children.


Day 46: Saturday, March 6

Lord of all creation, I pray for Your blessing on families that are struggling with unemployment, food insecurity, and homelessness. Aid them as they strive to build security and stay safe.


Option to Take Action:

Tell President Biden: Address root causes of migration and respect migrants’ rights. Click or copy:

Week Eight

Day 47: Sunday, March 7

Unifying God, I pray for hope and patience during these days of turbulence in our world. Help me to be understanding towards others who may not be aware of their need for compassion and affection.

Day 48: Monday, March 8

Today I pray in gratitude for generations of sisters who have been a public witness to You by being a compassionate presence to all in need. Help me, Lord, to do the same.

Day 49: Tuesday, March 9

Gracious God, I pray for a unified nation where diversity is seen as a strength, reconciliation as a priority and the healing of our nation as a compromise among all.


Day 50: Wednesday, March 10

Today I pray for all our brothers and sisters who have been wounded due to conflict, war and violence. Heal their bodies and spirits, and intercede with Your great love to deliver peace in our world.

Day 51: Thursday, March 11

God of abundance, guide me to ways I may assist my sisters and brothers who are hungry, including those who have experienced loss during this pandemic.

Day 52: Friday, March 12

Today I pray for the healing of our common home.  Allow me to be observant of my actions, my consumption, and my contributions to protect Your creation. 

Day 53: Saturday, March 13

God of infinite Mercy, protect those who are impacted by the COVID pandemic.  Guide leaders to collaborate globally to do away with inequities and provide equal assistance and protection to all in need. 


Option to Take Action:

Urge Congress to provide a path to  citizenship for 11 million immigrants:

Week Nine


Day 54: Sunday, March 14

God of mercy, today I pray for the people in my life whom I find difficult to love. Please help me to see them as You do, and to care for them as my brothers and sisters in Your abundant love.

Day 55: Monday, March 15

Today I pray for refugees and migrants who struggle to stay safe as they strive to build new lives away from war, famine, and poverty. Please help them avoid danger and come safely to a welcoming harbor.

Day 56: Tuesday, March 16

Creative and creator Lord, today I give thanks for the gift of work. I welcome the opportunity to use the gifts with which You have blessed me to help those in need and to build unity in our world.

Day 57: Wednesday, March 17

Today I pray for women around the world who labor constantly to unite their families and keep their communities safe. Instill in them the courage to uphold the faith and values that keep them hopeful and resilient.

Day 58: Thursday, March 18

God of peace, I pray for a just resolution to recognize and protect refugees seeking asylum in our country and around the world. May their pleas be heard and their needs be tended to.

Day 59: Friday, March 19

FEAST OF ST. JOSEPH ~ Today I pray for the grace to be an instrument of unity in my workplace, in my home, and in my community. Help me to show how much I love the dear neighbor in all I say and do.. 


Day 60: Saturday, March 20

Lord of all creation, I give thanks for the start of spring. This season I ask that patience, empathy, and love may be reflected in my care for Your creation.

Option to Take Action:

Ask the Biden Administration to rejoin the Iran nuclear deal:

Week Ten

Day 61: Sunday, March 21

All-knowing God, grant me the wisdom to discern the truth when I encounter competing facts. Help me to speak of peace and unity even with those whose viewpoints differ from my own.

Day 62: Monday, March 22

Today I pray for all those who are seeking to receive the COVID vaccine, and for all those working to administer it. Please keep them safe and healthy.

Day 63: Tuesday, March 23

Source of all life, I pray for my brothers and sisters who struggle with unemployment and underemployment, food insecurity, and lack of shelter. Help them find the resources they need.


Day 64: Wednesday, March 24

Today I pray for our legislators, that they may carefully craft wise laws to protect our freedoms and ensure peace. I pray for our jurists, that they may decide court cases justly and fairly.

Day 65: Thursday, March 25

God of unity, I pray for newlyweds and for long-married couples. Guide them as they work together to build their lives and meet the emotional, financial, and physical challenges presented by the pandemic.


Day 66: Friday, March 26

Today I pray for families that have been fractured by anger and hurtful actions. May they overcome the fear that prevents them from asking for, and granting, forgiveness and reconciliation.


Day 67: Saturday, March 27

Fountain of all holiness, I give thanks for the many blessings that you have showered upon me. Aid me as I strive to use the gifts I have been given in a way that will give You glory and show my love for the dear neighbor.


Option to Take Action:

Urge your legislators to end the root causes of human trafficking:

Week Eleven


Day 68: Sunday, March 28

Healing God, I pray for respect for our Asian-American and Pacific Islander brothers and sisters.  Comfort the loved ones of those victimized by hate and racist violence.

Day 69: Monday, March 29

Today I pray for solidarity with our earth and all God’s creatures.  Give me the wisdom to protect the fragile splendor You have gifted us. 

Day 70: Tuesday, March 30

Life-giving God, I mourn the lives of our brothers and sisters whose lives were cut short by murder. I pray for the support of legislators to pass sensible gun laws in a step towards addressing gun violence in our nation.

Day 71: Wednesday, March 31

Today I pray for all children around the world who are living in uncertainty and confusing times.  May they find comfort and reassurance in their families and friends. 

Day 72: Thursday, April 1

God of peace, I pray for all whose lives have been impacted or transformed by COVID-19.  Alleviate their pain and anguish and fill their hearts with Your healing hope.

Day 73: Friday, April 2

Today I pray for mental health professionals who are on the front lines helping those among us who are most vulnerable.  

Day 74: Saturday, April 3

Compassionate God, I pray for solidarity with our most vulnerable brothers and sisters, especially those who are hungry and poor.

Option to Take Action:

Take action to address child hunger:

Week Twelve

Day 75: Sunday, April 4

EASTER ~ Ever-giving God, I give thanks for the glory of your Son’s resurrection and our redemption. Fill my heart with the hope and fulfillment of Easter this day and every day that follows.

Day 76: Monday, April 5

Today I pray for compassionate and just immigration policies that protect, support and provide hope to unaccompanied minors at our borders.

Day 77: Tuesday, April 6

God of love, I pray for all my brothers and sisters who suffer from abuse, neglect, violence and/or confinement.  May Your eternal love give them hope and courage while they wait to be freed.


Day 78: Wednesday, April 7

Today I pray for nations and their people who once again face the threat of a COVID-19 surge, and whose capacity to offer care is overwhelmed.

Day 79: Thursday, April 8

God of mercy, I pray for the release of immigrant detainees. May they be released to families and community organizations, and not placed in inhumane surveillance programs.

Day 80: Friday, April 9

Today I pray for communities of color who are hindered by residential segregation and the inequities of infrastructure it creates in areas such as policing, education, and health care.

Day 81: Saturday, April 10

God of justice, I pray for an end to false claims of voter fraud and the acts of voter suppression these claims create. I pray that we all urge legislators to respect their constituents’ right to vote.

Option to Take Action:

Tell your Senator to support the right to vote:

Week Thirteen


Day 82: Sunday, April 11

Redeemer God, I pray that this Easter season will be a time of growth for all of us. Help us to treat our brothers and sisters as Your beloved children, and to love the dear neighbor in every thought and action.

Day 83: Monday, April 12

Today I pray for all whose lives have been ended by violence, and for their loved ones, who mourn their loss. May they all find peace in Your eternal love.

Day 84: Tuesday, April 13

All-seeing and all-knowing Lord, I pray for justice for those who have been wronged, who have been hurt, and who have been silenced.

Day 85: Wednesday, April 14

Today I pray for all those who are struggling to gain access to the COVID-19 vaccine. Please keep them safe as they search for avenues to receive the care they need.

Day 86: Thursday, April 15

Faithful God, I pray that world leaders realize that life is inherently valuable and that every human being must be treated with dignity, respect, and fairness.

Day 87: Friday, April 16

Today I pray for all my brothers and sisters who are homebound. Help them to connect with their communities and their loved ones, and to find paths to use their gifts for the benefit of themselves and others.


Day 88: Saturday, April 17

Lord of all creation, help me take time to appreciate the majesty of my surroundings, and to do my part to care for my corner of the world. Open my eyes to opportunities to be a better steward of Your gifts.


Option to Take Action:

I will examine my own biases and position of privilege through self-reflection, and I will work to resolve them. Click or copy:

Week Fourteen

Day 89: Sunday, April 18

God of all nations, help us create peace and opportunity in lands of conflict and poverty. Clear paths for asylum seekers who risk their lives to save their lives.

Day 90: Monday, April 19

Today I pray for all whose lives whose lives have been upended by famine, disaster, poverty, migration, and racism. Show me how to help those struggling to build a new life. Lead me to take action.

Day 91: Tuesday, April 20

Builder of all creation, I pray for the wisdom to make decisions that will not only help me improve life for my family, but will also help to foster unity in the bigger community.


Day 92: Wednesday, April 21

Today I pray for parents and their children: may they support each other and teach each other, so that together they may exemplify to their communities how to love the dear neighbor.

Day 93: Thursday, April 22

EARTH DAY ~ God of Heaven and Earth, I give thanks for Your beautiful creation. Help me to serve You as a faithful steward of land, sea, and sky, to benefit those who share it now and in the future.

Day 94: Friday, April 23

Today I pray for all those who work the land to grow the food that sustains us all. I give thanks for their labor, and I pray for their safety and good health.

Day 95: Saturday, April 24

Today I pray for community policing that serves and protects all. Heal our relationships and guide us to smart reforms that prevent unnecessary force and keep neighborhoods safe.

Option to Take Action:

Learn safety tips for those experiencing or witnessing hate:

Week Fifteen


Day 96: Sunday, April 25

Architect of all, help us to be good stewards of the creation which You have bestowed upon us. Guide us to encourage sustainable growth, protect nature , and nurture care for all life.

Day 97: Monday, April 26

Today I pray for jurists and attorneys. May they use their knowledge and skills to right wrongs and make our world more just.

Day 98: Tuesday, April 27

Merciful Lord, my heart aches for all those who have been hurt by violence. I pray for the souls of those whose lives were ended too soon, and I pray for peace for those left behind to grieve.

Day 99: Wednesday, April 28

Today I pray for refugees and migrants who seek security for themselves and their families. Guide them to the shelter they so desperately need.

Day 100: Thursday, April 29

Most wonderful God, as I feel the warmth of the sun and see the green of the trees, as I hear the songs of the birds and use my limbs to work and play, I praise You for Your mighty creation.

Option to Take Action:

Urge your legislators to reduce carbon pollution emissions by 90% by 2050:

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