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Image by Karl Fredrickson

Series 1
-January-April 2018 -

Week One


Day 1: Saturday, January 20

Today we pray for children and young adults who, through no fault of their own, find themselves in danger of being deported from the only country they have known as home.

Day 2: Sunday, January 21

Today we pray that our political leaders work together to plan solutions to transition to clean and renewable energy, reduce pollution, and vow to implement our country’s commitment to stay in the Paris Agreement.

Day 3: Monday, January 22

Today we pray that the recent tax laws passed nationwide be modified to protect the poor, elderly, and sick, and to preserve programs serving the disadvantaged and vulnerable communities throughout our nation.

Day 4: Tuesday, January 23

Today we pray that world leaders seek to be the instruments of unity and peace. That they find ways to collaborate in eradicating poverty, welcoming migrants, protecting the vulnerable and promoting the common good for all.

Day 5: Wednesday, January 24

Today we pray that elected officials realize every person in our nation, regardless of their condition or income level, has the basic human right to healthcare access just as everyone has the right to food, shelter and education.

Day 6: Thursday, January 25

Today we pray for victims of natural disasters in the U.S. and abroad be provided with immediate shelter, safety and recovery aid. That compassionate support be provided as they move forward as they rebuild their lives.


Day 7: Friday, January 26

Today we pray that all citizens, from elected officials to constituents, have the insight, strength and willingness to respond to hatred and divisiveness with patience, tolerance and understanding for one another.


Day 8: Saturday, January 27

Today we pray that immigration and law enforcement officials be respectful of their community’s diversity in addition to respecting the dignity and rights of the strangers among us who have no voice.

Week Two

Day 9: Sunday, January 28

Today we pray that Congress ensures that any border security measures included in any legislation be humane and that the sanctity of families and vulnerability of immigrants be recognized.

Day 10: Monday, January 29

Today we pray that our sisters and brothers who have been devastated by natural disasters will find hope, encouragement, resilience and strength as they restore their lives.

Day 11: Tuesday, January 30

Today we pray for all people of developing countries that they may continue to be sustained in the efforts to make a better life for their families, society, and Earth.


Day 12: Wednesday, January 31

Today we pray that all legislators may tap into their inner motivation that brought them to public service rather than partisan political pressure in their decisions.

Day 13: Thursday, February 1

Today we pray that journalists, who labor to bring the truth to the public, be supported in their work despite the efforts of powerful people to silence them.

Day 14: Friday, February 2

Today we pray that we may find the courage, confidence, and commitment to contact our elected officials - local, state, and federal - to express our concerns about our democracy.

Day 15: Saturday, February 3

Today we pray in the spirit of unity and reconciliation that we may commit to speak with one person we know who thinks differently than we do, and open a door to conversation.

Option to Take Action: Urge lawmakers to work together for an immediate solution for Dreamers. Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Three


Day 16: Sunday, Feb. 4

Today, as we gather with family and friends for the big game, we pray for those who are isolated, lonely and in need of a human connection. Give us courage to reach out, build bridges and extend invitations.

Day 17: Monday, Feb. 5

Today we pray for all generous, courageous and nonviolent people around the world who carry out actions towards the common good and inspire us to follow their example.

Day 18: Tuesday, Feb. 6

Today we pray that women who are encouraged and supported by the #MeToo movement find strength and support in their efforts to bring about a more just society for all.

Day 19: Wednesday, Feb. 7

Today we pray for our common home - our Earth - that we find ways to protect it, care for it and not destroy it or take advantage of it.

Day 20: Thursday, Feb. 8

Today we pray that survivors of sex and labor trafficking are helped and supported by others in their midst, and are moved towards courage, healing and hope.

Day 21: Friday, Feb. 9

Today we pray for people who are on the move to find work, food, shelter and/or safety, and that we value migrant people as they contribute to our economy, cultures and traditions.

Day 22: Saturday, Feb. 10

Today we pray that our world leaders find ways to dialogue and take responsibility in promoting world peace.


Option to Take Action: Urge Congress to protect foreign aid. Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Four

Day 23: Sunday, February 11

Today we pray for world leaders to work together to promote economic security, protect human rights, and foster world peace.

Day 24: Monday, February 12

Today we pray that law enforcement and their local communities find solutions together to end gun violence in our neighborhoods.

Day 25: Tuesday, February 13

Today we pray that leaders around the world address the issues of gender-based violence, enforce protection and support victims.


Day 26: Ash Wednesday, February 14

Today we pray that we find the strength to ask for forgiveness for the

times that we directly or indirectly contributed to the suffering or detriment of others in our midst.


Day 27: Thursday, February 15

Inspired by past and current peacemakers, today we pray that we may foster an inclusive culture of peace in our communities and around the world.

Day 28: Friday, February 16

Today we pray that elected officials commit to bipartisan solutions for an economically and environmentally sustainable future for our children.

Day 29: Saturday, February 17

Today we pray that through our thoughts and actions we reject racism, sexism and all discrimination against our sisters and brothers.

Option to Take Action

Urge Congress to equitably fund defense and domestic spending. Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Five


Day 30: Sunday, February 18

We pray for the benefit of countless people today and in the future that our nation’s elected and corporate leaders recognize that denying climate change is not an option. Give them wisdom to take appropriate action.

Day 31: Monday, February 19

ON PRESIDENTS’ DAY, we pray that we hold respectful conversations at our dinner tables and peaceful dialogues across the nation, from our local hometowns to our widespread online communities.

Day 32: Tuesday, February 20

WORLD DAY OF SOCIAL JUSTICE - Today we pray that we commit to intentional actions that move us individually and collectively towards global unity as one human family.

Day 33: Wednesday, February 21

We pray that due process offered by the U.S. to those in immigration detention centers is consistently followed so that people held unjustly may be freed and united with their families.

Day 34: Thursday, February 22

Today we pray that leaders support their cities in providing shelter and/or affordable housing for our homeless sisters and brothers in our neighborhoods.

Day 35: Friday, February 23

God, we pray that our elderly, undocumented, uninsured and imprisoned sisters and brothers be treated with respect and dignity, and be provided with the resources needed to survive.

Day 36: Saturday, February 24

Today we pray that we embrace the idea to learn about different faiths, including Islam, so that we may be more welcoming of the dear neighbor in our midst.

Option to Take Action:

With Catholic Climate Covenant, submit a public comment in favor of keeping the Clean Power Plan. Comments will be accepted through April 26, 2018. Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Six

Day 37: February 25

We pray for the countless number of lives have been horribly impacted by gun violence across our nation, most recently in Parkland, Florida. We join their friends and families in prayer as we advocate for stricter gun laws.

Day 38: February 26

God, we pray for a cease-fire in war-torn Syria where innocent men, women, and even children, face senseless suffering and death. Enlighten political leaders that they move towards peaceful accords.

Day 39: February 27

We pray for those establishing and working in community gardens that they can provide food in their vulnerable neighborhoods. God, give them the conditions to grow and bear fruit for all who suffer from hunger.


Day 40: February 28

Today we pray for healthcare workers who share their skills and compassion with vulnerable families trying to survive destitute living conditions in refugee camps around the world.

Day 41: March 1

God enlighten us so that we can identify and disregard fake news which creates confusion and divisiveness. Help us recognize and embrace truth which builds unity, respect and trust among one another.

Day 42: March 2

God we pray for corporations to be responsible and held accountable so that their supply chains respect workers’ rights to prevent enslaved labor when manufacturing the products we consume.

Day 43: March 3

Today we pray that we all continue to urge government officials to join other countries in protecting our “common home” by enacting legislation that supports environmentally-conscious choices.

Option to Take Action:

March in March. Join the March for Our Lives on March 24th to demand an end to gun violence.
Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Seven


Day 44: March 4

Today we pray that constituents find the resources and tools to challenge their elected officials who favor corporate interests above people’s rights and safety.

Day 45: March 5

God, hear our prayers for the desperate men, women and children who come to our borders as global migration continues. We pray for dialogue among international leaders that leads to welcoming our dear neighbors.

Day 46: March 6

We pray that all faith traditions be respected and free of discrimination in our nation and around the world. Help us to support opportunities for respectful interfaith dialogue that promotes unity.

Day 47: March 7

Today we pray for just wages that provide hard working families the opportunity to live with dignity and respect.

Day 48: March 8

INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY - Today we pray for women around the world and for the 30 million girls who are not given an opportunity to attend school. Give them the confidence and resilience to persevere and speak out.

Day 49: March 9

God we pray for veterans of wars who have been traumatized and injured. Give them the means and courage to find healing of body, mind and spirit.

Day 50: March 10

Today we pray for the innocent civilians in war torn countries who live daily with fear for themselves and their children. God, we pray that you embrace them with strength, love and hope.

Option to Take Action:

Tell world leaders to fund education for girls.
Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Eight

Day 51: Sunday, March 11

Today we pray for those who are willing to step out of their “comfort zones” and face criticism as they become an active voice of support for our refugee, immigrant and homeless sisters and brothers.

Day 52: Monday, March 12

We pray for the brave women who are on a healing journey from abuse and violence. We pray for their support of other women victims. God, give them strength and grace to be agents of hope.

Day 53: Tuesday, March 13

We pray for all the children around the world to grow up amid acceptance, peace and hope. God, surround them with courage to take on challenges, and love so they may flourish wherever they are.


Day 54: Wednesday, March 14

God, we pray that You give us compassion towards the poor and vulnerable in our midst. Grant us tolerance so we open our hearts without judgment, and move us to action to help those in need.

Day 55: Thursday, March 15

Today we pray for understanding of our responsibility to protect our “Common Home” and the people sustained by it. God, we pray that we no longer remain silent and become active voices for positive ecological change.

Day 56: Friday, March 16

God, we pray for peace in our homes, in our streets, and among nations, so that all commit to working together to bring harmony and unity to one another.

Day 57: Saturday, March 17

Today we pray for those who suffer from long-term illness and for their caregivers who face the challenges to obtain adequate healthcare access.

Option to Take Action:

Pledge to reduce your ecological footprint. Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Nine


Day 58: Sunday, March 18

We pray for all nations to be safe from the proliferation of nuclear weapons. We pray for a world free of them. We pray that world leaders be held accountable as they commit to peace talks while expanding arsenals.

Day 59: Monday, March 19

ST. JOSEPH’S DAY - We pray for the Church around the world, and we pray for families all over the Earth to be united, to be safe from all forms of violence, and to be lifted out of conditions that cause suffering.

Day 60: Tuesday, March 20

Today we pray that government leaders implement trade policies that ensure all countries the equal ability to compete, provide fair working conditions for their laborers, and sustainable practices for their nations.

Day 61: Wednesday, March 21

We pray for our sisters and brothers whose lives are in danger as a result of armed conflicts. We pray for their leaders to be peacemakers and attend to the dire needs of their people.

Day 62: Thursday, March 22

WORLD WATER DAY - Today we pray for people worldwide who struggle to survive without access to safe drinking water. Help us advocate to governments and multi-national corporations that water is a basic human right.

Day 63: Friday, March 23

We pray for refugees, asylum seekers and those who have been forcibly separated from their families. Bring them safety and guide them to people who welcome them; open our hearts to be compassionate.

Day 64: Saturday, March 24

ANNIVERSARY OF ARCHBISHOP ROMERO’S MARTYRDOM - Today we pray for the masses of people marching in our communities in support of ending gun violence throughout our nation and around the world.

Option to Take Action:

Learn why we should choose tap water over bottled water. Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Ten

Day 65: Sunday, March 25

God, keep us safe from harm so that our fears about national security do not overcome the importance of human rights and respect for the dignity of others.

Day 66: Monday, March 26

We pray that political leaders recognize that our nation’s budget needs to include a balance between military spending and social services that sustain the working poor.

Day 67: Tuesday, March 27

Today we pray that U.S. leaders understand the importance of dialogue and re-entering partnerships with other nations, to affirm global interdependence and promote the common good.


Day 68: Wednesday, March 28

God, open our eyes to recognize our consumerism practices and disposable lifestyle have environmental implications that will affect the lives of our future generations. Give us courage to respond.

Day 69: Thursday, March 29

HOLY THURSDAY - Today we pray that the people of the world may be united at one table and free from personal agendas and betrayals.

Day 70: Friday, March 30

GOOD FRIDAY - Today we pray for all those who suffer and sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others. May their pain be brief and their impact everlasting.

Day 71: Saturday, March 31

HOLY SATURDAY - Today we pray for those who mourn for departed loved ones. God, we also pray for hope for those who are discouraged that a more loving, compassionate world is possible.

Option to Take Action:

Join the Catholic Climate Covenant in reducing global warming. Ask your Senators to support S. 2448.
Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Eleven


Day 72: Sunday, April 1

Today we pray for all the children and young adults who are using their prophetic voices to speak against gun violence. God continue to give them the strength and motivation to transform hearts.

Day 73: Monday, April 2

We pray that our political leaders recognize that the U.S. military involvement in the Saudi-led war against Yemen goes against our values and that it must end.

Day 74: Tuesday, April 3

Today we pray that legislators recognize and support immigration reform that does not separate or harm families, and also protects minors and other vulnerable populations from being detained or deported.

Day 75: Wednesday, April 4

Today we pray for those who suffer due to the loss of their loved ones and friends as a result to gun violence. May they find the support and compassion in the people who surround them.

Day 76: Thursday, April 5

We pray that world leaders find ways to dialogue and partner in addressing structural forms of poverty throughout the world.

Day 77: Friday, April 6

Today we pray for global solidarity. God enlighten our leaders that they understand that they have a responsibility to respect the dignity of the human person.

Day 78: Saturday, April 7

We pray for migrants fleeing their countries due to climate change. We pray that they be recognized and accepted as refugees. God give them hope a sthey find themselves in anguish having been forced out of their homes.

Option to Take Action:

Urge your Senators to end U.S. involvement in the war in Yemen. Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Twelve

Day 79: Sunday, April 8

Today we pray for all care-givers in Syria that they may have encouragement and strength to continue to minister to the vulnerable women, men and children - innocent victims of an endless war.

Day 80: Monday, April 9

We pray in thanksgiving for the food we consume today and for the farm workers who labor under dire working conditions to harvest the food on our tables.

Day 81: Tuesday, April 10

We pray for all policy makers and influencers who impact our society. God, give them insight to see how their decisions affect the next seven generations, and wisdom to value human dignity over convenience and profit.


Day 82: Wednesday, April 11

Today we pray for the opportunity to share the gift of hospitality with someone we meet today.


Day 83: Thursday, April 12

God, thank you for corporations who are creatively responding to the climate crisis, like Adidas who used ocean plastic to make 1 million pairs of shoes.


Day 84: Friday, April 13

We pray for all women entering the political arena as candidates for elected office. God, help voters overcome gender bias so all are properly represented. Empower these women to work with others to transform our nation.


Day 85: Saturday, April 14

Thank you, God, for the energy and actions of students around the world. We pray that “we the people” are inspired by our young people to take responsibility to work for the common good.

Option to Take Action:

Protect our “Common Home.” Speak out against rolling back clean car standards.
Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Thirteen


Day 86: Sunday, April 15

Today we pray for judges whose decisions have a tremendous impact on the well-being of vulnerable children and families, that they be led by compassion in making just decisions.

Day 87: Monday, April 16

Today we pray for the working poor and that the safety net and social programs they depend on for survival are protected.

Day 88: Tuesday, April 17

God fill us with peace. We pray that we may live as sisters and brothers harming no one.

Day 89: Wednesday, April 18

We pray that we all find ways to care for our earth - our common

home. Help us to think twice when making decisions that negatively impact the water we drink, the air we breathe and the soil that nourishes us.

Day 90: Thursday, April 19

God, touch the hearts of those who are blinded by hatred and anger. We pray that your grace transforms their experiences into ones of understanding, compassion, kindness, and recognition of Your presence within each of us.

Day 91: Friday, April 20

God, we pray for asylum seekers fleeing from persecution and violence. Give us the wisdom to not only welcome them but to acknowledge the gifts they bring.

Day 92: Saturday, April 21

We pray today that we seek and find opportunities to be a unifying presence in our families, community and workplace.

Option to Take Action:

Join NETWORK in urging Congress to reject efforts to cut funding, restrict access, or make structural changes to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, SNAP. Click on or enter this address to take action:

Week Fourteen

Day 93: Sunday, April 22

EARTH DAY - We pray for the fearless advocates who challenge political and industrial leaders to protect our “common home.” For the benefit of all, help our leaders to prioritize our environment over personal gain.

Day 94: Monday, April 23

Today we pray that our nation’s leaders commit to dialogue for a future without the threat of nuclear weapons.

Day 95: Tuesday, April 24

God, fill us with patience, understanding and wisdom. Let these qualities fill our hearts with peace so that we may also be a source of peace for others.


Day 96: Wednesday, April 25

Today we pray for those around the world who risk their lives speaking out on behalf of human rights.

Day 97: Thursday, April 26

We pray for a resolution to conflict in war-torn countries. God, encourage those in power to dialogue that leads to lasting peace.

Day 98: Friday, April 27

God, we pray for the 65 million refugees around the world to find a hospitable space to call home.

Day 99: Saturday, April 28

We pray for our homeless sisters and brothers within our communities, that they be given the dignity and self-respect they deserve as human beings. God, we also ask you to soften the hearts of those who cast people in need from their neighborhoods.

Day 100: Sunday, April 29

God of love, we pray that you give us the wisdom, kindness and grace to remove ignorant racial stereotypes within ourselves and in our institutions that oppress our sisters and brothers.

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