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100 Days of Prayer (s20): Days 15-21

Begin with the prayer below, then go to the prayer for the day.

God of wisdom and mercy, grant us patience to listen; compassion to be open to other views and opinions; generosity to forgive and grace to change. As you taught us to love our dear neighbor, we pray that you give us strength to be healing instruments of unity and reconciliation.

Day 15: Sunday, May 26

God of Grace, grant me patience to listen to learn. Let me hear the challenges my brothers and sisters face. When I’m on another side of an issue, give me humility to ask people to “tell me more” and wisdom to respond in love.

Day 16: Monday, May 27

MEMORIAL DAY (U.S.) - Today I pray for brothers and sisters who gave their life in service to the nation. May their sacrifice be a reminder to elected and appointed leaders to always seek diplomacy and peace.

Day 17: Tuesday, May 28

God of Creation, I ask for Your guidance to care for each other by caring for our common home. Through lifestyle changes and new habits, lead me into a new way of being that sustains the Earth and communicates to our descendants.

Day 18: Wednesday, May 29

Today I pray that I may intentionally make time in my life as an act of faith. Whatever I choose to do with this time, may it serve the common good and reveal Your presence and love.

Day 19: Thursday, May 30

God of Peace, I pray for an end to war throughout the globe, especially in conflicts in Gaza, Sudan, and Ukraine. Cease violence, feed the hungry, heal the wounded, comfort those who mourn, and return the displaced to their homes.

Day 20: Friday, May 31

Today I pray to advocate and take action on affordable housing. Empower building and real estate decisions to support those in need rather than making a few more wealthy. May everyone find a place to live that is affordable and safe.

Day 21: Saturday, June 1

God of Unity, open my eyes to see all my brothers and sisters as one family. Awaken me to recognize previously undetected biases, to tear down systemic racism in our institutions, and create an equitable and fair society for all.

Option to Take Action:

Urge Congress to address the root causes of poverty worldwide. Visit


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