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100 Days of Prayer (s17): Days 1-7

Begin with the prayer below, then go to the prayer for the day.

God of wisdom and mercy, grant us patience to listen; compassion to be open to other views and opinions; generosity to forgive and grace to change. As you taught us to love our dear neighbor, we pray that you give us strength to be healing instruments of unity and reconciliation.

Day 1: Sunday, May 7

Good and Gracious God, I pray that leaders address the water crisis that remains throughout the West. Guide them to be open to fair water distribution policies that include marginalized communities.

Day 2: Monday, May 8

I pray for all activists who stand up against injustices and speak up on behalf of people’s rights. Protect them and give them resilience and hope that their requests be heard and respected.

Day 3: Tuesday, May 9

God of Peace, I pray for the people of Sudan and of other countries who are wounded and killed by violence and war. Touch the hearts of those inciting the violence and lead them to peaceful solutions.

Day 4: Wednesday, May 10

Today I pray that national policymakers protect marginalized communities. Please prevent sweeping budget cuts resulting in increased homelessness, uninsured families, and loss of nutrition assistance for adults and children.

Day 5: Thursday, May 11

Loving God, I pray for all the young people who have lost their lives at the hands of law enforcement because of the color of their skin. I pray for their loved ones who mourn their lives and demand justice.

Day 6: Friday, May 12

Today I pray for our nation where our government dismisses the needs of the poor and marginalized. May guidelines be established to eliminate poverty, one of our country’s leading causes of death.

Day 7: Saturday, May 13

Compassionate God, I pray for all my brothers and sisters suffering from the consequences of our climate crisis. Touch the hearts and minds of those who make decisions and guide them to address solutions.

Option to Take Action

Take action to address the childhood hunger crisis.


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